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The Chase

Alex was running, running fast and hard, and she discovered there was nothing more painful than having a stitch in her side. She was having difficulty breathing. She only hoped that someone--Frank or Jake--would find her so she could stop running.

Oh the pain! The exquisite pain!

She tried not to glance behind her, knowing that it would slow her down. She leapt up onto the fence and started clawing her way over.

Attaining the top of the fence, she tumbled over to the other side, slicing open her arm on the way down. She screamed at the pain but couldn't stop to attend her wound. She landed in a heap but got up immediately and began running again. She saw two large trash cans off to her left and she stopped long enough to knock them over and place them on her backtrail.

Where oh where was somebody to help her? Frank? Jake? Anybody?

Alex had lost her earpiece and she couldn't get in contact with her team. They didn't know where she was being chased. They'd had some idea she was being chased by whom and by how many? Even Alex herself didn't know.

As soon as she arranged the trash cans on her backtrail she spun around and started running full tilt again. Turning down one alley way after another, she hoped to lose her followers.

She glanced to her right. There, in a parallel alley, she saw the van squealing alongside her. Frank was waving out the window. Frank! How glad she was to see his face! Frank had found her. Oh dear sweet sweet Frank, Alex found herself thinking through the brilliant flare of fresh pain in her side.

He motioned for her to continue straight ahead so Alex continued running, her breath coming hard and the stitch in her side sending more bright tendrils of pain into her brain. She didn't know how much longer she could keep running. She didn't know how long she'd been running anyways.

She couldn't think anymore.

She heard the van squeal as Frank applied the brakes. He controlled the spin of the van. The rear door opened and Frank shouted, "Alex, jump in! they're right behind you and I mean right behind you!"

Alex could only pant. She forced herself to run harder towards the yawing hole she now saw opening in the van. The pain was intense and Alex's vision was dimming.

Gathering herself, she dived into the hole and she felt, rather than saw, the van taking off.

Somebody pulled her the rest of the way in. Alex heard the van's door shut. Oh how good it felt to be still! She just wanted to lie still for as long as possible, sucking in air. She didn't know how long she lay there, panting.

She heard voices, "How do they keep following us?" Jake's voice. That was Jake's voice, she said to herself. Where was she again? She was so tired. She was still in pain.

"They must have a radar tracker," Frank's voice said. "Cody? You have the radar scrambler?" Frank waited for a response. "Good. ETA to your location is...?"

Jake supplied the answer, "Eight minutes,"

Frank finished his sentence to Cody, "Eight minutes. Out," he said as he expertly drove the van down a myriad of streets. Alex felt her stomach lurching. It was not fun lying on the floor of the van. She was surprised to find herself getting car sick.

Alex forced herself to sit up.

"Feeling better, Alex?" Frank asked.

"Some. What's going on?" she asked.

"They locked onto us. We're trying to outrun them," Frank said as he pulled onto the highway and gunned the engine.

Jake looked thoughtful, then smirked. "Toss some of the equipment out onto the road?" he asked Frank.

"Do it."

Jake unplugged the computer monitor in the van, put it on the floor. 'Alex, I need you to kick the monitor out the door while I hold the door. You able to do that?" Jake asked her.

"I think so," she said.

"You'll have to do it," Frank interjected from the driver's seat. "We only get one chance," he finished as he wove his way around the construction pylons which now littered the road. The van's tires were squealing as frank twisted and turned the van.

Alex nodded at Jake. Holding onto the legs of the table bolted to the floors and walls of the van, she put her feet up against the monitor, ready to kick the monitor out the van's back door as soon as Jake had it open.

"On my word," Frank said. "I'm  going to hit some of those pylons, "Get ready!" Alex heard pylons begin to hit the windshield of the van, "Now!" Jake opened the door. Alex kicked, hard. The computer monitor flew out the door and into the path of the second car.

As they had hoped, the computer monitor landed on the pavement. The second car struck the monitor and careened out of control and crashed into the rails. The other car went through the railings and over the side of the raised roadway. The team heard a loud crash, then an explosion. Frank didn't slow down. He kept going until he passed the construction.

Then he pulled the van off the nearest exit, finally slowing down. This allowed Jake to shut the back door of the van. He'd been holding on for dear life, and his face was pale. Alex, for her part, was trying not to slide out of the van and her hands were hurting from gripping the legs of the table so hard.

With the van slowed down, she loosened her grip. She sat up, rubbing her hands.

"Good work," Frank said. "Now, let's go get Cody and Monica. We need that radar scrambler."

"And none too soon," Jake said. "There's another car coming towards us," he said as he looked at Cody's equipment.

The van was just passing another exit. Frank hit the brakes and did a hard U-turn. The van's tires squealed as the van spun around.

Alex watched Frank gun the engine and shot the van just past the exit, then slam on the brakes as he twisted the steering wheel to the left, turning the van onto the exit ramp. With the van pointed up the exit ramp, Frank gunned the engine once again. The van, kept ever in tip top shape, shot up the exit ramp.

Alex saw through the windshield, and to her horror, a bicyclist crossing the intersection which the van would shortly--very shortly pass through. Alex's mouth opened in an "O" of horror. Killing people in self-defense was one thing, but innocent bystanders, that twisted her stomach again so that the nausea which had just dimmed flared up again. Bile rose in Alex's throat as she saw the bicyclist turn his--no, it was a her, Alex now saw--and saw her eyes go wide at the van bearing quite fast down upon her with the wild-eyed man driving.

She froze. Like a deer in headlights, the bicyclist froze.

Frank saw this, and reacted accordingly.

"Jake, blare the siren!" he ordered. Jake complied at once while Frank twisted the steering wheel to the right. The van rolled onto the shoulder of the road. Frank and Alex saw the bicyclist regain her senses and she scooted as fast as she could out of the intersection. She overshot and hitting the guard railing, tumbled over the railing and onto the ground.

But Frank couldn't worry about that. Again he twisted the van's steering wheel to the left. Regaining control of the van, he again gunned the engine and shot through the intersection so recently vacated by the bicyclist, who was by now peering over the guard railing, apparently unhurt. Frank's mind noted that if she was peering over the railing she was capable of standing, which meant she didn't break her legs.

Frank continued to drive the van fast. "Where are they?" By 'they' Frank meant the chasers.

"Half a mile behind us and closing fast," Jake said.

"We need to lose them until we can pick up Cody and Monica," Frank said as he started randomly turning down streets in an attempt to confuse the chasers.

"Still following," Alex said as she took over the position where Jake was, and allowing him to finish loading the guns.

"ETA to Cody?" Frank asked.

"Five minutes, with our current direction," Alex told him.

"Not good enough. We need that radar scrambler now! If I head straight to Cody, what's the ETA?"

Alex looked at Cody's equipment. "Two minutes," she told Frank, as Frank instantly changed direction, making a straight shot towards Cody and Monica.

"Cody! Monica! Be prepared to jump in the van!" he ordered as he again gunned the van.

"Red light next intersection," Jake said. "But the left street's clear," he told Frank, looking at Cody's equipment. Frank immediately twisted the steering wheel. The van's tires squealed yet again and Alex crazily wondered if the threads on the wheels would wear down before they could get to Cody and Monica.

Frank steered the van onto the next street. He gunned the engine again.

"Street's clear down to where Cody and Monica are at. Turn right at New York Avenue," Jake told Frank.

"ETA to Cody?"

"One minute," Alex responded.

"Get the door open on my word," Frank said.

"Cody, You and Monica get ready. ETA in one minute," Frank told Cody through his mouthpiece.

The minute seemed to pass by slowly. Alex noticed strange things, like the two homeless women pushing their nicked shopping carts down the sidewalks. She noticed the trash alongside the road.

"One quarter mile behind us. Closing fast," Jake warned Frank.

Reaching New York Avenue, Frank turned the wheel to the right. The van skidded as it was asked to make a sharp right turn. But Frank controlled the skid, straightened out the van and gunned the engine again. The van shot down New York Avenue.

"Ten seconds," Alex told Frank.

"Ten seconds," Frank repeated to Cody and Monica. Alex could see Cody and Monica standing on the side of the road, ready to jump. Cody had a small package in his hands, as did Monica. As Frank drove closer, Alex could see both packages were wrapped in bubble wrap.

Leave it to Cody to desire to protect his 'babies'.

"Cody start running first. Monica, on my word, you start running," Frank said.

Cody started running.

"Five seconds," Alex intoned.

"Jake," Frank said but Jake was already at the door, ready to open it. Frank slowed down significantly and Jake threw open the van's back door.

"Monica, now!" Frank said and Monica started running.

Cody took a flying leap and landed in the middle of the floor. Alex reached over and took the package from him so he could turn over and help catch Monica when she jumped in.

"Frank!" Cody yelled. "Less than thirty feet from Monica!"

In response, Frank slammed on the brakes. Monica kept running towards the van at full tilt. She jumped, and Alex idly noted she jumped like she was doing the long-jump at a track meet. She landed in the van. Jake pulled the package out of her hand and he and Alex pulled her the rest of the way in.

Jake slammed shut the door and Frank gunned the engine for the umpteenth time. The van sped off. Cody was installing the new radar scrambler.

"ETA till the scrambler is online!" Frank ordered, squealing the van's tires once again as he turned corners at full speed.

"One more minute!"

"I need it yesterday!" retorted Frank, knowing Cody was just a few seconds away from having radar scrambler but knowing he always padded the time frame.

"In five, four, three, two, one! We have radar scrambler!" Cody said, with a full measure of satisfaction. But Frank continued to randomnly turn down streets in an attempt to put as much distance between them and the chasers.

Monica was busy unwrapping her package. It contained a second set of radar scramblers. Cody never took chances. He bought duplicates of all new equipment. In this case, he'd purchased ten radar scramblers. The size of portable radio-cassette players, he'd purchased one for every member of the team, plus spares.

But Monica's package also contained the disk with the new uplink codes to the satellite orbiting the earth. This is what the chasers had wanted and why they were so desperate to chase down the team.

"They'll stop at nothing to get this disk," she now said as she held up the disk in a shaft of sunlight. The sunlight glinted off the disk. She handed it to Cody, who knew what to do with it. He inserted it into one of his 'babies' and the computer hummed gratefully.

She and Cody looked at the monitor. "Will it work?" she asked him, not meaning if the computer would work, but rather would the new uplink codes work.

"Yes. This is a reliable source," Cody responded.

"How long?" Frank demanded as he continued to drive randomly down the streets, keeping the van's tires squealing.

"Few minutes," Cody said. Frank knew by this answer Cody would have the information on his screen in less than a minute.

True to his thoughts, both Cody and Monica said, "Got it!"

The computer's monitor showed the location their chaser's headquarters.

"Down in Occoquan!" both said together. Cody continued. "Looks like the woods right behind the rest center off I-95."

Alex saw Frank pale. Occoquan was the home of the FBI Academy. Although they'd parted ways, Frank was still very much an FBI guy, keeping in touch with some of his former colleagues.

Frank pulled off New York Avenue and headed onto the road which would take them to I-95. Once on I-95, Cody told Frank where the police were located, so Frank could avoid them. The new radar scrambler would bounce back false speeds to the squad car's radar.

Thirty minutes later, the team was assembled at the rest center. Frank motioned for Jake and Alex to follow them. Monica was to stand look-out while Cody relayed information from his computers to Frank.

Frank stepped into the woods behind the rest center. It was a heavily used rest center, just off I-95. Frank wondered why the thieves used the woods behind a heavily used rest center.

His thought was answered in a few minutes when he discovered he couldn't see the rest center or hear the cars from I-95. The woods behind the rest center were that thick. And dense. A perfect place.

"There's an object up ahead, thirty feet," Cody's voice sounded in Frank's ear.

Frank nodded to the rest of the team. They lightened their steps as they approached the object. Frank was surprised to see it was a large cargo container. Their thieves' lair was a large shipping container?

Frank would wonder about that later.

Jake scanned the cargo container with his heat sensor. "Just the one person. Looks like he's at the back of the container," he quietly said. Frank nodded. With his back pressed up against the container's sides, he moved silently towards the front.

Peering around the corner, Frank noted there was no one there. He slowly maneuvered his way to the 'door' of the container. Looking in, he saw one of the thieves who'd stolen the computer disk containing the new uplink codes to the satellite--but which Frank had stolen back--at the laptop computer.

Frank silently walked up behind the woman, and struck her sharply on the back with his hand. She howled in pain and crumpled over the laptop. Frank pushed her off the laptop and quickly entered a 'stop' command at the command line showing on the computer while Jake and Alex cuffed the woman.

"Stop command entered," a mechanical voice said. "Downlink interrupted. Would you like to continue?"

Frank typed the word 'no' while the woman glared at him. He motioned to Alex and Jake who hauled the woman out of the container.

"Monica, get the FBI Academy on the phone. They're the closest and they can handle this," Frank said into his earpiece.

Jake and Alex would take the woman back to the van and wait until some of Frank's former colleagues arrived at the rest center.

"Downlink permanently stopped," the computer said. Frank shut off the laptop and shut the case. He gathered the laptop in his hands and followed Jake and Alex.

Back at the van, FBI cars were crawling over the parking lot. The woman had been arrested and was sitting in the back seat of a dark car. Monica was sitting in the front seat of the same car, attempting to question the woman as to the whereabouts of her partner.

The woman glared at Frank as he walked past and she spit at him through the open window. Frank hardly deigned to notice her and the spit missed him anyways.

Alex was standing beside the van, bristling at the FBI man.

"The downlink didn't go through," Frank told Special Agent Jack Carson.

"I knew you'd be able to stop it," Agent Carson told Frank. "You've got the best crack undercover team ever assembled."

"You trained Cody, so you should have known the downlink would have been stopped," Frank bantered back at his former Academy roommate, now an instructor for the Academy but not beyond doing a few favors for Frank. He glanced at Alex, who was now glaring at Special Agent Frank Carson. Frank ignored Alex's emotions.

"They just needed the new uplink codes and they could have broken into the Federal Reserve's central computer. Think of all the worldwide economic damage that could have been caused. Not to mention world stock market central computers," Agent Carson said. "You damn near had me on my edge when they were tracking you," he said.

Cody had patched Special Agent Carson into the action which had been played out that day.

"The Nikkei's central computers had already been hacked. The Japanese government is repairing the damage," Agent Carson told Frank. "They discovered yesterday about the hack," he finished.

The fact that the Nikkei stock market central computers had already been hacked into Frank had known from the read-out on the laptops screen but he didn't tell Agent Carson that.

Instead he said, "The Nikkei is a bell-weather for the Big Board and the Nasdaq. Could have caused some serious damage," Frank agreed.

He motioned for Cody to give Agent Carson the disk containing the new uplink codes to the satellite. "They'll have to be changed again, Jack, but for now, they'll work," Cody told Agent Carson.

"Good to see you again, Cody. I see Frank's in good hands with you around," he told Cody.

"You trained me," Cody replied, smiling. And Agent Carson had trained Cody. Agent Carson had temporarily left the FBI and it had been during those years that he had trained a young Cody. Cody had, with his usual astuteness, surpassed his former instructor in computers. Cody turned and went back into the van.

"Thank you, Frank. Thank you for everything," Agent Carson said. "If there's anything I can ever do..." his voice trailed off.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to call," Frank finished for him. But a smile tweaked the corners of his mouth as he remembered all the times he had pulled Jack out of bed to make roll call during their Academy years.

"Frank. Got a bead on the partner!" Cody said from inside the van.

"Gotta go," Frank told Agent Carson. They both headed off towards their respective vehicles.

"She's headed here. Doesn't know we're here," Cody said, quite pleased with his new radar scrambler.

"Clear out!" Frank ordered. "Jake, Carson and I will stay behind to take her down!"

The FBI cars exited the rest center's parking lot. Frustrated tourists were howling to be let in to the rest center but Agent Carson had left two FBI cars blocking the exit ramp.

Within minutes a car came hurtling down I-95. Seeing the blocked exit, the driver tried to cross the median but instead lost control of the car. The car spun out of control and ended up crashing into Agent Carson's brand new car.

"Well," Frank thought. "Some things just go down like a piece of cake. No guns at all."

Jake's thoughts apparently ran along the same lines. "Easy take down."

"Let's go get her," Agent Carson said, scraping his sandy blonde hair out of his blue eyes.

Frank and Jack walked over to the crashed car. The woman was dazed as Jack pulled her out of the car and cuffed her. He lead her back to another FBI car. The car squealed away, carrying its quarry off to prison.

Monica got out of the car the first woman was in and walked over to where Frank was standing.  "Totally uncooperative," she told Frank. "Anti-social personality. She's going to have a hard time in jail," Monica observed, as they both watched the second FBI car take its quarry off to be processed.

Frank just smiled. "She tried to take down world stock markets and hack into the Federal Reserve," he said. "Serve her right. I think I'll arrange for her to spend time down in Houston. Heard it's very crowded down there," Frank said. Monica chuckled as Frank walked off.

"Good work, team! Let's go," Frank said to the team as they assembled outside the van.