Sunday Morning in Frisco

10:20 am on a cloudy and cool Sunday morning and Nick has dropped by the UMC Fitness Center for a workout, and seeing Matt already there, suggested a game of hoops. The two men will be attending Day Two of the Frisco Car Show, which begins at noon. They are in the middle of a conversation.

N: "Yeah, we argued yesterday."

Nick runs past Matt, then makes a successful jump shot. 

N: "Point!"

M: "That's why you're so quiet?"

Nick catches the ball, then dribbles the ball down the court.

N: "She's not the same woman I first met a few years ago."

M: "It's very easy to maintain a fantasy romance on a part-time basis. Now's it's become every day."

N: "I know."

Matt steals the basketball from Nick and makes an easy jump shot. 

M: "But she still distrusted Sean?"

N: "Yes."

M: "So she decided to even the playing field."

N: "Basically." 

Matt dribbles the ball around the court and Nick tries to steal the ball away.

M: "They seemed so happy together at Rae's birthday party a few weeks ago."

Matt tries to make the hoop shot from halfway down the court. He misses as Nick successfully blocks his shot. Nick has the ball.

N: "One never knows what really goes on inside a marriage."

M: "Except for what Rae told you."

N: "I only heard her side."

M: "Her side was enough to make you move here."

N: "I love her."

Nick tries to make the hoop shot as Matt tries to block him. Nick then fakes Matt out, then runs down the court and makes the jump shot. He tosses the ball to Matt, who starts dribbling.

M: "You know, there I was, with the biggest crush on Jules. And then she started talking about sperm donation and something just clicked on inside my brain.""

N: "Love?"

M: "I don't think so. With the high chance of unsuccessful implantation, I think it was a way to maintain the status quo yet do something more."

N: "But without the intimacy."

M: "Exactly. I don't think I want to marry her...but a physical that's more on my mind."

N: "The chase is a high and the catching is sweet."

M: "I want to see if it's something more than just a crush."

N: "She's a strong woman."

M: "That's a mild term for her."

Nick is successful in stealing the ball again. Matt chases him down the length of the court. Nick dribbles the ball then makes another jump shot but Matt jumps at the same time and bats the ball away from the hoop. Nick goes to retrieve the ball.

M: "Jules and I nearly had dinner last night. She came over to the car show."

N: "Why didn't you go out?"

M: "Another dinner date. You'll meet her later today at the car show."

Nick dribbles the ball; Matt tries to steal the ball away.

N: "Really?"

M: "Denise is with the Lamborghini dealer."

N: "Now that is what I'd like to test drive. She drive well?"

M: "Like a dream."

Matt is successful at stealing the ball and he runs down the court in the opposite direction, making his jump shot, but the ball bounces off the side of the hoop. The ball rolls off towards the bleachers and Matt goes chasing it. 

M: "Harriet's husband was at the show as well. I think Harriet's going to keep him away today."

N: "He didn't get to test drive the Lamborghini."

M: "I'm considering leasing her."

Matt comes back onto the court, dribbling the ball. He plays keep-away with Nicholas.

N: "Cost?"

M: "Big expense, blah, blah, blah."

N: "Finding a parking permit will be hell."

M: "It would only be for the short term."

N: "By the way, how did parking get to be so bad here?"

M: "The hills. Letty and I do a brisk business in treating people who've overexerted themselves from hill walking."

N: "I was on a walking tour and I got these sudden chest pains, Doctor Slingerland?"

Matt smiles, then Nick manages to steal the ball away from Matt. He, too, plays keep-away. 

M: "Frisco is not exactly friendly towards undiagnosed heart patients."

N: "I've done more than a few assists in the angioplasty department."

M: "Speaking of assists, did Rae ever go over Joel Zoller's file?"

N: "I told her about it yesterday. She wasn't too pleased she missed a diagnosis."

Nick makes the jump shot; the ball goes through the hoop. He retrieves the ball, then tosses the ball to Matt. 

Matt dribbles the ball, teasing Nick.

M: "She's still smarting from Grace's sudden death."

N: "Cute little girl. But every time she said, 'say good night Grace," I kept hearing George Burns and Gracie Allen's skit."

M: "She was parroting her mother's endless instruction to her."

N: "I gathered as much. She knew she was dying, at the end."

M: "I've never gotten over how people seem to know they're dying."

N: "It's like the mind knows the body is shutting down."

M: "Think Rae wants kids? She got pretty attached to Grace, even if she didn't show it much."

N: "Kids? Not with Sean."

M: "With you?"

Nick fakes Matt out, then steals the ball. Matt steals the ball back and does a Harlem Globetrotter impersonation.

N: "Don't think she wants kids with any man."

M: "Do you want kids?"

N: "Eventually."

M: "Makes for a mixed relationship."

N: "I know."

Nick steals the ball, then does his own impersonation of a Harlem Globetrotter. Matt takes the ball back, runs down the court with Nick in hot pursuit, then Matt slam dunks the ball. 

M: "Point!"

N: "How many points is that now?"

M: "I don't know. I haven't been keeping count."

N: "Neither have I. It's nearly 10:30. What say we shower up then get some lunch before the show?"

M: "Good idea."

Matt dribbles the ball, Nick steals it then runs down the court the other way with Matt in hot pursuit. Midway down the court, Nick spins around, still dribbling, then runs back and slam dunks the ball.

N: "Game!"

Matt is slightly out of breath. He rests with his hands on his knees.

M: "No fair."

N: "We'll call it even, then."

M: "Deal."

Nick tosses the ball to Matt as the two walk towards the locker room. 

N: "I'll reserve the racquetball court on Tuesday morning at 7."

M: "I warn you, I was champ in racquetball during med school."

N: "You buy my week's lottery tickets if I win."

M: "What makes you think you'll win?"

N: "Cause I''m better than you."

Matt tosses the ball into the small basket beside the locker room doors as the two men enter the locker room. 

M: "Double says I win."

N: "You're on!"

The door to the locker room swings shut. Later on that afternoon, Nick is driving the Lamborghini around Frisco. He is wondering what Rae is doing now; he left her sleeping on the bed. He thinks she's probably going to be jogging down by the bay, trying to work off her frustration over her failed marriage, Grace's death and Zoller's blatant misdiagnosis, so Nick turns the Lamborghini onto Waterfront Street, thinking she might in the park. As with Matt, people are pointing and staring after the Lamborghini. A few people wave, and Nick waves back, smiling at the Friscoans strolling by.

He doesn' see Rae, so he turns the Lamborghini back towards the Convention Center. Matt's turn to test-drive the sleek car is next and Nick is thinking of leasing her for a short time. 

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