Harriet & Rae

Harriet and Rae are sitting outside the hospital at a table. 

H: "What happens when you get tired of Nick?"

R: "I won't get tired of him."

H: "You ran away from Sean because you were looking for excitement in your marriage. Trotting off to a far-flung country and pitching a tent gave you the excitement you needed for two weeks a year."

R: "I was happy with two weeks a year."

H: "No, you weren't happy. You're a middle aged woman and like many middle aged women, you need a change in your intimate life. Or, in your case, a change in the location. "

R: "It was always a tent with Nick."

H: "And therein lies the excitement: tents are not very soundproof."

R: "That is not true!"

H: "It's not? You think tents are soundproof?" 

R: (spluttering) "No."

H: "If you enjoyed Nick, you were most certainly not being quiet."

R: "Maybe."

H: "You liked the change and it appealed to you."

R: "What are you saying?"

H: "I'm saying that instead of leaving Sean, you needed to meet up with Sean in a different place--Sacramento or up in a Napa B&B. You needed to inject change into your marriage. You found Nick desirable because every time you met up with him, it was in a different location."

R: "In other words, you're saying I got stuck in a rut."

H: "Well, yes." 

R: "And you're also saying that I when was overseas, I was looking for someone to boff without any commitment."

H: "That, too. But now Nick's here, and you left Sean." 

R: "But I love Nick, too!"

H: "You might find to your dismay that when a part time long-distance romance becomes a local full time romance, the romance soon loses its luster."

R: (shaking her head) "That won't happen with Nick."

H: (raising her eyebrows) "It won't?"

R: "No."

H: "A romantic part time fantasy with an attractive, intelligent person in an exotic locale has its appeal. There two weeks each year that you were with Nick, then you came back for fifty weeks a year to Sean. And you yearned for those two weeks when you could take a vacation from Sean."

R: "But I was married to Sean for ten years."

H: "And in that ten years, you never changed your routine with Sean. You came home from work to the same house, never to a different location

R: "I don't think it's that."

H: "Really? Did you ever go meet Sean where he was on location?"

R: "No."

H: "Where have you met up with Nick since he's moved here?"

R: "His place."

H: "Anywhere else?"

R: "No."

H: "Nick didn't attempt to meet up with you anywhere else except his place?"

R: (looking away) "No."

H: "You're not telling the truth."

R: (looking down) "He tried to approach me in my own office."

H: "Did you accept?"

R: "His beeper went off."

H: "Did you like the idea of him in your office?"

R: "Not at first."

H: "Why not?"

R: "I was at work."

H: "You were at work in Honduras and Pakistan when you were with Nick. Tell me the difference now that you and Nick work together here in Frisco."

R: "Uh..."

H: "I thought so. You're trying to get Nick to meet you in just one place: his place. That way, you can control him, and you can control that certain charge you get from going somewhere else."

R: "I am not trying to control Nick."

H: "Rae, Nick's frustrated because you were more than willing to meet him overseas, but here, you've been avoiding him, except at his place. You've taken the charge out of the relationship. Nick tried to recreate the experience at his place so the charge would come back into your relationship with him."

R: "Is that the reason he’s so impatient lately?"

H: "Yes. He's a healthy male. If you're going to go with Nick, you need to think of his needs."

R: "I meet his needs!"

H: "To quote you, you were looking for someone to boff without making a commitment."

Harriet's beeper goes off...she glances at it, then stands up. 

H: "Think about what you're doing. You're throwing away a ten year marriage because you're bored and you didn't want to recreate the charge you used to feel with Sean. It's either Nick or Sean, but I've got to run...baby's on the way."

R: "Bye."

Harriet goes off towards the hospital, leaving Rae to sit at the table, a frown on her face.