The Morning After The Night Before

After Nick's disastrous date with Ophelia, he and Jackie went to the movies with Matt & Harmony while Jules went home and babied her black eye (courtesy of Sean).  

Now it's early the next morning at Presidio & Matt is in an exam room with Jules.

Matt whistles, low and long.

Matt: “How in the bloody hell did you get such a shiner?”

Jules: “Sean.”

Matt: “A man hit you? Why of all the bloody…”

As Matt gently looks at the blackened eye, Jules interrupts by holding up her hand.

Jules: “Rae’s Sean and it was an accident.”

Matt: “Accident? Mind telling me how it’s an accident?”

Matt flashes an opthalmoscope on the wall.

Matt: “Look at the light.”

Jules complies and Matt peers into her right eye with his ophthalmoscope.

Jules: “See, I was driving by Rae’s house last night and I saw her front door open.”

Matt: “Mmm, hmmm. And you wanted to play with your hapkido skills.”

Jules: “Not really. I just thought Rae had left her front door open so I went inside and heard voices from upstairs.”

Matt switches to Jules’ left eye.

Jules: “Owww! That’s bright!”

Matt: “All done.” 

Putting down his ophthalmoscope, Matt takes a step back.

Jules: “Well?”

Matt: “Looks fine. No detached retina. Now, go on with your story.”

Jules: “Yes, well, see, I heard the shower and went upstairs. When I got to the hallway bathroom…blam! I was knocked out for a minute.”

Matt: “By Sean.”

Jules: “Yeah. Thought I was a robber. Right hook. Owwww!”

Matt: “It’s supposed to hurt.”

Jules: “Tell me.”

Matt: “You’ve got the best shiner I’ve ever seen on anyone.”

Jules: “Please, no prizes.”

Matt: “I’ll just bandage your eye and send you on your way.”

Jules smiles wanly as she fingers the dark purple bruise around her left eye. 

Jules: “That would be an improvement. I look like crap.”

Matt walks over to the cabinet and begins to pull out sterile bandages and adhesive tape. 

Matt: “Ask Nick to teach you how to deflect sudden attacks.”

Jules: “Already did. I left a message on his desk.”

Matt grins. There’s a knock on the exam door.

Matt: “Enter! She’s decent!”

The door opens and Rae pokes her head in.

Rae: “Norman said you were in here with Matt.”

Jules: “Getting a light flashed in my eyes.”

Matt: “Come in, Rae. Heard Sean gave her this shiner.”

Rae comes into the exam room.

Rae: “He did. Total accident.”

Jules: “I know. I don’t hold it against him. Should have called out before walking up the stairs.”

Rae: “I should get that creaking stair fixed.”

Jules: “No need. It’s a good alarm system.”

Matt: “Creaking stairs?”

Rae: “Yeah. Sean scared the hell out of me last night when he walked in on my shower.”

Jules chuckles.

Jules: “She was taking a shower and Sean decided to play the old Psycho scare tactic.”

Rae winces and looks away.

Matt: “That true?”

Rae: “Yeah. I had my back turned and Sean pulled back the shower curtain. Scared the hell out of me.”

As the women chat, Matt begins to bandage Jules’ bruised eye.

Jules: “Not as much as he scared me when his fist came towards my face.”

Rae: “You saw that?”

Jules: “Didn’t have time to react. Just saw this huge fist coming towards me and whammo! Next thing I know I’m on the floor, trying to get up and thinking: god! That awful paint smell.”

Rae: “Sorry. He said he’s phoned a florist and you’ll be getting flowers later on today.”

Jules:(smiling)  “That’s sweet of him.”

Rae: “Matt, here’s a man question.”

Matt: “Mmmm hmmm?”

Rae: “Ever heard of a safari company called Virginbush?”

Matt: “Sure have.”

Jules: (drily) “How some things get around.”

Matt: “Read about the company Men’s Journal earlier this year.”

Rae: “So, what’s the company do?”

Matt: “Just what they say they do: the company runs safaris in the African Bush country.”

Matt has finished bandaging Jules’ eye. 

Matt: “Voila! There you go. All finished.”

Jules touches the bandage, and squints.

Jules: “Not sure if I can see well with just one eye.”

Matt: “You’ll get used to it. And it’s only for a few days, until the swelling goes down.”

Jules: “Thanks. I owe you one.”

Stripping off his gloves, Matt nods and begins to put away the unused sterile bandages.

Rae: “So there really is a company called Virginbush? I mean, Sean’s not pulling my leg or anything?”

Matt glances at Rae.

Matt: “Yes. Why all the questions?”

Jules grins as understanding dawns.

Jules: “Are you jealous?”

Rae: “Of What?”

Matt: “Oh, Sean going off in to the African bush with two gorgeous women. He’s doing a story, right?”

Rae: “Yeah. He is.” (she snaps) “And I’m not jealous!”

Jules: (in a singsong voice) “I think you are jealous.”

Matt: "Either that, or those pregnancy hormomes are working overtime."

Rae: “The marriage is over, all right? Papers are being signed and I even painted my bedroom.”

Jules: “In sunflower puke.”

Matt laughs.

Matt: “Sunflower puke?”

Rae: “It’s how Sean termed the color on the bedroom walls.”

Matt: “As puke?”

Jules: (helpfully) “From sunflowers.”

Rae: “It’s supposed to be a dignified gold. Jules, you’re not helping any.”

Jules: “Sorry. I have to agree with Sean. Looks awful on the walls.”

Matt: “Well, ladies, I need to cut this conversation short. I have rounds. I’ll just leave you two to work things out, all right?”

The two women nod.

Matt: “And Jules, if you have headaches, see me immediately. You know where I can be reached.”

Jules: “I’ll do that.”

Matt nods at the two women and leaves the exam room.

Rae: “I’ve got rounds to attend to as well.”

Jules slides off the exam table and straightens her jacket. Rae looks critically at her.

Jules: “I’ve a light load today. Seems people are more interested in getting their kids out in the sunshine rather than having them at the doctor.”

Rae smiles.

Jules: “What are you smiling at?”

Rae: “You.”

Jules: “Me?”

Rae: “You look like a pirate.”

Jules tries to catch a glimpse of herself in the metal of the cabinets.

Jules: “It’s a bandage.”

Rae: “Find a mirror and you’ll see. Hey, catch you for lunch?”

Jules: (fussing with her hair) “Sure. Noon all right for you?”

Rae: “Yeah.”

The two women leave the exam room. Jules pulls out her stethoscope and puts it around her neck. 

...Later that morning, Nick and Matt are chatting in Matt's office. Sitting on Matt’s new leather couch, Nick has a portable cup of coffee in his hand and he’s sipping slowly.

Matt has finally found a teapot worth bringing into his office and he’s happily brewed himself a proper pot of tea. The scent of Darjeeling tea is wafting from his oversize mug. He picks up the mug, sips, then says:

Matt: "Jackie told me what happened in your apartment last night with Ophelia."

Nick grimaces. 

Nick: "Yeah. Ophelia wasn't the best date I've had."

Matt: "I hear that."

Nick: "Know what the worst is?"

Matt: "What?"

Nick: "The spotlights at the coffee bar."

Matt feels Nick's pain.

Matt: "Those spotlights were a bit...much, weren't they?"

Nick: "A bit much? They were over the top. But, I do have to like how Jackie got even with Ophelia."

Matt smiles, and takes a sip of coffee. Picking up an oversize chocolate cookie, he takes a bite then says:

Matt: "Jackie said that she made Ophelia walk outside in just her lingerie."

It's Nick's turn to smile.

Nick: "See through lingerie."

Matt nearly chokes on an oversize chocolate cookie.

Matt: "You're kidding!"

Nick shakes his head.

Nick: "Nope. See through black lace lingerie. With garters and high heels."

Matt leans back in his chair and laughs.

Matt: "Man, what I would have given to see that!" 

Nick: "Ophelia insulted you and Harmony. What else was I supposed to do? Let her continue on with her seduction? Not a chance."

Matt: "What did the police do?"

Nick shrugs his shoulders.

Nick: "Nothing. They'd seen me walk into my building with Ophelia on my arm."

Matt: "Well, I for one, thank you for defending me and my date."

Nick smiles.

Nick: "She's just Sounds like a little more than just a date."

Matt: "A bit more than that, but I'm not gonna let on."

Matt takes another bite of his chocolate cookie.

Matt: "This is good. Who made them?"

Nick: "Mrs Winters."

Matt: (tapping his foot in the air) "Yes. Mrs Winters. Wonderful cook."

Nick: "Rae says she's changed. A lot."

Matt: “I can imagine. But the sting left from her verbal sniper attacks hurt.”

Just then, Matt's buzzer sounds. Matt leans over and presses the intercom button.

Matt: "Yes?"

Norman: "Norman, here. Uh, Doctor Kokoris has an, uhm, volatile woman here to see him. Quite angry."

Nick rolls his eyes.

Nick: "That would be Ophelia. Matt, wanna come?"

Norman: "She's in the waiting area & she don't look too happy."

Norman buzzes off and Matt looks at Nick.

Matt: "I would say Ophelia has a bee in her bonnet."

Nick: "I would presume so as well. However, she's not going to get away with her latest trick."

Nick sets down his coffee cup and stands up. Matt follows suit and the two men leave Matt's office. 

...At the same time, Jackie is in the OR with a newly-implanted, though unconscious, Marnie. Jackie is finished with the surgery and she's placed a sterile drape over Marnie's chest. 

Jackie: (to Marnie's unconscious body) "All done. You've got breasts."

Female OR Tech: "Uh, Doc?"

Jackie looks at the female tech.

OR Tech: "Aren't they a little...big?"

Jackie: "Sandra, you know that kind of comment is unacceptable and had Marnie been awake and heard you, she could have filed suit for harassment. I'll let it ride this time but you might want to watch your mouth."

Sandra: "Yes, Doctor Collette."

Jackie yawns. 

Jackie: "Now. I'm off. Keep her a few hours until she's fully awake. Let her leave around 5."

Sandra: "All right, Doctor Collette."

As Jackie leaves the OR, Sandra glances at the rather large chest of the unconscious Marnie. 

Sandra looks around at the other surgical staff.

Sandra: "Didn't anyone else notice Doctor Collette implanted the wrong size?"

The surgical staff look at each other.

"Uh, oh," someone says. 

Sandra: "Uh oh is right. She was supposed to implant to size 34B. Those look like 36B."

...Back in Jules' office, at the same time that Marnie is lying in the OR, a blonde haired woman (obviously a bottle blonde for her roots are showing), woman is sitting on the chair, tapping her fingers on Jules' desk. 

Jules enters. She’s wearing her eye bandage.

Jules: "Good, morning, Mrs Brown. I hear you're Marnie's mother."

Mrs Brown: "Yes. I am. And morning to you, Doctor Keating. And it's Tina, please."

Turning sideways so she can get to her desk, Jules maneuvers her body through the narrow opening and sits down across from Marnie's mother.

Jules: "Well, what can I do for you?"

Tina: (in a little girl voice) “Looks like someone hurt her eye.”

Jules tries to hide her expression.

Jules: “Mistaken identity.”

Tina: “I can see. How does the other girl look?”

Jules: “Fella friend. And it was an accident. He thought I was a robber.”

Tina: “Ah. The reason I’m here is that I heard you gave my daughter a pelvic exam last week."

Jules: "True."

Tina leans back and crosses her legs.

Tina: "And why would you give a sixteen year old a pelvic exam?"

Jules: "Because she complained of heavy periods with large clots plus she complained of having pain on one side of her abdomen."

Tina: "That's not what she told me."

Jules raises her eyebrows. Tina continues. 

Tina: "She told me that you coerced her into having a pelvic exam against her wishes."

Jules: "Up until the time I finished the exam, she was moaning and clutching her lower right abdomen. She was faking the pain."

Tina: "Ah. Faking. She's good at faking. She wants to be an actress."

Jules: "So me and my staff noticed."

Tina: "It's possible Marnie was wanting some practice at acting. She has an upcoming audition for a role as a patient."

Jules: "That would explain things. 

Tina: (reaching into her purse and pulling out a pack of cigarettes) "Want one?"

Jules: "No. And they're not allowed in the medical offices. You'll have to wait until you go outside."

Tina nods and puts the cigarettes away. 

Tina: "I also noticed you gave her a prescription. May I ask what for?"

Jules: "Her asthma medication refill."

Tina: "Good. I just wanted to see what your side of the story was. Marnie can be a bit...dramatic when she wants."

Jules: "I don't mean to be a hard-hearted Hannah, but I would have to agree with you."

Tina smiles then gets up to leave.

Tina: "Thank you for your time, Doctor Keating. Need a smoke so I'll be off."

Tina flashes a brilliant white smile at Jules then quickly exits Jules' office as Jackie tries to enter.

Jackie: "Morning, Jules. Whew. Mind if I have a seat?"

Jules: "Go right ahead."

Jackie takes the seat most recently vacated by Tina Brown.

Jackie: "Just a few minutes to chat, then another patient. They never end, do they?"

Jules: "No. They never do."

Jackie: "Did you think it would be like this? Seeing one person after another, after another?"

Jules: "Having second thoughts about your profession?"

Jackie sighs--quite dramatically.

Jackie: "There are days when the tedium of repetition gets to me."

Jules: "Looking for challenges?"

Jackie: "I suppose. gone! Breast implants--go away!"

Jules smiles.

Jules: "Everyone gets dragged down by their work. Happens to the best of us. Chin up. Soon, you'll have a challenge that will make those drudge years in med school worth it."

Jackie: "I hope so."

Jules: "So, I heard you finally had a date with Nick."

Jackie: "Kind of a double date."

Jules: "With Matt and Harmony."

Jackie: "At the movies. Nothing else. Strictly a movie. Nick didn't try anything if that's the angle you're looking for."

Jules cocks an eyebrow.

Jules: "He didn't try to kiss you?"

Jackie shakes her head.

Jackie: "Not even a peck on the cheek."

Jules: "No advances?"

Jackie shakes her head.

Jackie: "Nope. A perfect gentleman. He didn't even kiss my hand."

Jules: "Sorry."

Jackie: "He's worth going after, as you have pointed out time and again."

Jules: "Nick is a good man."

Jackie: "So's Matt."

Jules groans.

Jules: "Not you, too."

Jackie: "Yeah, me too. Why don't you want Matt?"

Jules sighs. 

Jules: "We're just not...the marriageable types."

Jules: "Noooooooo. Matt and I are just not...for each other. Harmony is much better for him."

Jackie grins.

Jackie: "A little young for him. Heard she's 23."

Jules gapes.

Jules: "That young?"

Jackie nods.

Jackie: "Yep. Just about to complete her PA training."

Jules: "I see. And she's interested in Matt."

Jackie stands up.

Jackie: "Looks like it. Just stopped by between patients. Had a breast implant this morning. Next up, more underarms!"

Jules laughs as Jackie leaves the office. 

...Ophelia is standing in the waiting area. She's dressed in a trench coat and has her hand in a large hobo bag.  Nick and Matt walk up. Jackie is nowhere in sight. Norman is at his desk, looking a bit scared. 

Upon spying Nick, Ophelia's face grows hard. 

Ophelia: "Nice trick, Nick."

Nick raises his eyebrows.

Nick: "You remember Matt."

Ophelia glances at Matt, dismissing him.

Ophelia: "You left me outside on the street, naked."

Nick: "In your lingerie."

Ophelia: "Maybe that's true."

Nick: "What do you want?"

Ophelia: "This."

Ophelia pulls her right hand from the bag, and there's a gun.

Norman: "Get down!"

The waiting patients freeze in terror. Nick immediately goes into a defensive posture as Ophelia aims the gun at his chest.

Nick: "Calm down, Ophelia. Matt's, it's ok."

Ophelia: "I will not be humiliated like that!"

She lowers the gun towards Nick's privates. At the movement, Nick lunges forward and kicks the gun. His foot meets with Ophelia's wrist and a loud snap. The gun flies out of her hands, lands on the floor and spins around, finally coming to rest against a wall, near the front entrance.

Ophelia holds her wrist and sinks down onto her knees, wailing. It was a short stand-off.

Nick: "Everyone all right?"

Some of the patients nod. 

Nick: (addressing Ophelia) "I don't feel sorry for you, Ophelia."

Matt: (looking shaken) "Norman, you have the police on the way?"

Norman: "Sure do." 

Matt walks over and bends down to pick up the gun.

Norman: "Don't touch the gun! They'll need her fingerprints on it."

Nodding, Matt complies. 

Matt: "Good idea." 

He stands guard over the gun until UMC's three-man security team comes running through the front door.

Security Man 1: "Who?"

Nick indicates Ophelia.

Nick: "Her. The gun is over there. Doctor Slingerland didn't touch it."

Security Man 2: (walking over to Matt) "Quick thinking Doc."

From his pocket, he takes out a pair of gloves and puts them on. Reaching over, he picks up the gun by its handle.

Security Man 2: "I'll take this as evidence."

Security man 3: "Good thing we were right outside. Is she all right?"

Nick: "No. Broken wrist."

Security Man 3 takes a large baggie from his pocket. 

Security Man 3: "Here. Fresh from the box."

Security Man 2 puts the gun inside the baggie and seals it.

Security Man 2: "Gotta love those Glad people!"

Ophelia: (wailing) "He hurrrrtttt me! Make him go away!"

Security man 1: "We'll make you go away in a moment. All right, missy. Stand up."

Taking Ophelia's purse from her shoulder, he helps Ophelia stand up. Handing Ophelia's purse to Security Man 3, he holds Ophelia's left arm.

Security Man 1: "Anyone want to look at this wrist?"

Nick shakes his head as does Matt.

Nick: "Take her to the ER."

Security Man 1: "All right. Come on, missy. First stop, the ER. Next stop, jail."

The three security men lead a wailing Ophelia away as Norman and Presidio's patients look on in horror.

Norman: (shakily) "Damn, Doctor Kokoris. What was that all about?"

Nick: "Date gone wrong."

Norman: "I'd say."

Matt: "You all right, Nick?"

Nick nods his head.

Nick: "Just didn't expect to get a gun pulled on me today."

Matt: "Damn good thing that security got here so quick." 

Nick: "Agreed."

Nick looks at the frightened patients.

Nick: (in a soft, reassuring voice) "It's all right. It was me she was after. No harm done."

The patients don't look reassured but some of them move from their hiding places. 

Matt: "Norman? Why not share Mrs Winter's chocolate cookies and get some coffee?"

Norman: "Excellent idea, Doctor Slingerland."

Norman pulls out a large basket and opens the top as Doctors Slingerland and Kokoris take deep breaths. 

Matt: "Wanna chat in my office?"

Nick: "Yeah. Thanks."

Nick starts to turn, then goes over to Norman's desk and grabs a handful of cookies.

Nick: "They are good."

Matt smiles then follows Nick's suit. A few patients move towards the offered cookies as Norman makes a phone call. 

Norman: "I'm gonna phone psych services. Get them down here and see if anyone wants to talk about it."

Matt: "Excellent. Make an appointment for me."

Norman nods his head as several of the patients look at each other curiously.

Matt: "It's not every day you see a gun pulled on one of your friends."

...It’s near noon and Rae has just vacated her office to attend to lunch with Jules. 

Still unaware that a journal could be used as evidence against her, Rae has just finished writing in the journal. 

"Dear Hazel, 

Gosh, another week has gone by and I can't decide what to do about this pregnancy. I had given myself a week to decide and a week has gone by without any action. 

Ellen Etzel (remember her? the Assistant DA?) told me that Robert is cooperating nicely with the authorities by a) not contacting me, and b) staying away from the University. 

Hmmph. Ellen also told me that Robert's name keeps cropping up in connection with bust up of a major drug ring that was supplying the University frat houses with club drugs. So far, Dean Whittier's spin doctors have been able to keep Robert's name out of the papers. 

Ellen also told me that Robert's lawyer advised him to keep a low profile. So Robert is camped out in the Whittier family home, located on a 60 acre compound some thirty miles from Sacramento. He's spending his days riding and grooming the Whittier horse herd, numbering fifteen horses. 

Must be nice to live Robert's life. Then again, maybe not. He's living under a cloud of suspicion. Dean Whittier isn't shocked at Robert's sleeping around, nor is she shocked about my pregnancy. Dean Whittier is shocked about the linking of Robert's name to club drugs. 

Naturally, being Dean Whittier, she is more concerned about the repercussions to her own career rather than any potential criminal charges against her husband. 

In any event, Nick has turned himself into a crusader for the prevention of date rape. He's started a new date rape awareness program--and has even convinced the University's computer lab to create a date-rape awareness section that is prominently linked on the University's web site.

Thus far, the industrious and ever-inventive Nick reports that the new section has had nearly five thousand hits since the section came online two days ago. 

The date rape awareness section details the effects of various club and date rape drugs, and the type of drinks these drugs are used in. There is a message board for Q&A, a support section for those who have been date raped (or who think they have been date raped). 

There is also a section entitled Post Clubbing: What to do if you think you have been date raped. 

And the shared bylines on the section mentioned in the previous paragraph are none other than Doctor Nicholas Kokoris and Doctor Teresa Howland. 

Hazel, how on earth did Nick get Terry to agree to working professionally with him? Those two repel each other like positive and negative magnets! 

But they are going to be handing out those coasters that Nick ordered a short while back & I'll be helping them. 

To continue, Nick and Terry's co-authored section includes the types of STDs commonly transmitted (and what types of STDs the potential victims for which they need to be tested). Additionally, the section helpfully includes details on the types of emergency birth control women need if they think they have been date raped. 

In looking over Nick and Terry's new effort, one of the things I didn't realize (and neither did Doctor Howland when she examined me) was that I need an HIV test. 

Now I am awaiting an appointment for an HIV test. With Robert's casual googling of any female possessing two legs, I have to admit, I was sweating and shaking when I called HIV Services. I thought I was going to have a panic attack.

Ellen is quite a bit concerned about me and she's decided that not only is my involvement in Nick's date rape awareness program good for me, she's even suggested I have a makeover: new hair, new makeup and new clothes. 

Of course, I have to pay for all of these new things and Ellen promises that it won't cost more than ten thousand for the wardrobe makeover. 

When she told me that over an outdoors lunch, I nearly gagged on my Thai shrimp curry. 

"Ten thousand pennies, you mean," I told her glibly while biting into a jumbo sized shrimp slathered with peanut butter and sweet and sour sauce (I mixed the two sauces together, much to Ellen's disgust. But it was quite good!)

Ellen shook her head, spearing her own jumbo sized shrimp and dunking the poor critter into plum sauce.  "No, ten thousand Georgies."


"Dollars. Ten thousand dollars. Rae, you need to look good. While I like your wardrobe, your wardrobe tends to generate comments like, "Junior League board certified."

"And just how do you know my wardrobe generates comments like that?" I had asked, taking a long sip of a virgin Mary (I know, Hazel, Matt has helpfully told me to have low sodium tomato juice; Matt is such a sweetie).

Ellen smiled. Hazel, how she managed to keep her mouthful of food inside her mouth is beyond me. Then she answered.

"There have been photos of you floating around. You've seen them."

Now I thought of an appropriate retort. "And just what is so bad about being thought of a Junior League board certified?" I demanded, trying to spear a shrimp. The shrimp, desperate to get away from my fork, skidded itself off my plate, and onto the table.

"Nothing is wrong with the Junior League," Ellen replied. "What I want to do is to create a softer Rae Brennan. And that means a Rae Brennan who is viewed as a modern career woman. Snazzy clothes, a chic hairdo and an attitude overhaul."

"What's wrong with my attitude?" I demanded, still trying to spear the poor shrimp. I gave up and tossed the shrimp over to the waiting birds. A bird fight promptly broke out. 

"Just that. You're too combatitive. Always wanting to fight the biggest battle you can, always retorting with a hot reply before thinking about how you appear when you make your comments."

I waved my hands. "I am not combatitive in the least. I have to build my defenses because my patients are, more often than not, terminally ill. And it's difficult to deal with their emotions and then to go out to dinner and smile, and dance and otherwise have a jolly good time."

"We'll work on lots of things, Rae. There's still months to go before the trial and we'll get a consultant to help overhaul you. That should add only another four or five thousand to your bill."

"What? You said only ten thousand."

Ellen smiled. "For the physical makeover. Clothes cost quite a pretty penny. Consultant is going to cost you extra." She grinned.

"You like to keep people on their toes, don't you."

"I like to win my cases."

When Ellen told me that I was going to have to outlay another five grand on a consultant, I wanted to scream. But I didn't. She is right, I do tend to be combatative, although I prefer to think of it as competitiveness. 

And as of Saturday, I am going to be shopping my bank account down to zero. Ellen is going to spend the next week hunting for an appropriate consultant. Oh, the joys of defending myself. 

I am going to spend the next week deciding what to do with this pregnancy. Really.

I don't have much time left before the twelve weeks are up. 

Oops. There's Matt going by my office, busy as usual. He's been on his toes lately as the WHO liaison (did you know WHO changed his title again? He's now the WHO SARS Control Liaison and Nick is his deputy.)

Guess it's time for my patient rounds. Not looking forward to announcing the depressing test results to Tangie. She's a fighter, but the chemo simply is not working for her. She's going to have to make a decision about participating in the Thalidomide (oops again. I mean Thalomid) drug trial. 

Talk to you later, Hazel.

...Now Jules is in an exam room. Leopolodo Evangelista and his son Alessio are in the exam room with Jules. She has just finished giving Alessio a checkup. Alessio is playing with another disposable camera. 

Jules: "I am so sorry about the misdiagnosis, Mister Evangelista."

Leopolodo: "Hey, look. Docs Howland and Slingerland explained that you guys don't see a lot of erhlichiosis in this part of the country. Only a few cases here in NoCal."

Jules: "We sure don't. I never saw a case before Alessio. Doctor Slingerland tells me that it's more common in the central part of the country."

Leopolodo: "In the square states."

Jules: "Square states?" 

Leopolodo grins. "That's how I refer to the mid-western states."

Alessio: "Cuz they're square!"

He smiles at his father.

Jules: "Hey, there, kiddo. Wanna take my picture?"

Alessio: "Sure!"

Alessio snaps a few more photos of Jules. 

Leopolodo: "Speaking of pictures, I've got the photos from last week. Yours came out pretty well."

Leopolodo goes over to where a mid-sized leather duffel bag is sitting on the chair. He rummages around in the bag while Jules looks at Alessio.

Jules: "Heard you had a good time in the hospital last week."

Alessio nods. 

Alessio: "After I got better, I sure did. I sure do like that Doc Slingerland."

Jules: "He's something, isn't he?"

Alessio: "Yeah. Hey, what happened to your eye?"

Jules: "I ran into someone's fist."

Alessio: "You look like a pirate!"

Jules does a fair imitation of a pirate.

Jules: "Aye, matey! And I'm gonna make ye walk the plank!"

Alessio giggles as Jules swings him off the exam table and onto the floor.  Alessio's feet hit with a thump.

Leopolodo: "Here they are!" 

He hands Jules some rather large sized pictures. Jules looks at them while Alessio runs around the room shouting, "Here there be pirates!"

Jules: "That one is pretty good."

She indicates a photo that is framed.

Leopolodo: "I thought so too. Had it framed for you."

Jules smiles.

Jules: "Thank you! I'll hang it on my wall."

Leopolodo: "It will also sit on your desk."

...Just before lunch, Matt is in his office going over that afternoon’s patient files. He is turned sideways in his chair and he doesn’t notice his visitor.

At the door to Matt's office, a young woman, Isitar Hamesh, is holding a cat carrier. 

Isitar: "Knock, knock, Doctor Slingerland!"

Matt looks up and smiles. He swings around so his chair is facing the door and puts down the medical files.

"Isitar! Come in, come in!"

Matt gets up from his seat and walks around to the front of his desk.

Matt: "Is that who I think it is?"

Isitar nods.

Isitar: "Fifteen pounds of furry feistiness. May I present to you the Pharoah Seti the Second."

Bowing, Isitar puts the cat carrier down on Matt's couch. Looking around, she says:

Isitar: "Nice corporate digs. Wish mine were as nice."

Matt: "Thanks. Beats having to stare at battleship gray all day long."

Inside the cat's carrier, Seti yowls. 

Matt: "He doesn't like it in there, does he?"

Isitar: "No. He's used to ruling his vast domain inside my home."

Matt: "And then baby came along and usurped his position."

Isitar: "That's about it. Wish I'd known how he was going to react, else I never would have adopted him."

Matt sits down on the couch and tries to peer inside the carrier. Two bright green eyes glow back at him from a charcoal gray body. 

Matt: "Pretty kitty. How old is he?"

Isitar: "Eight months."

Matt grins and looks up as Isitar.

Matt: "And already ruler of his kingdom."

Isitar smiles. 

Isitar: "Former ruler. Wish he wouldn't have hissed at my baby. Seti pees all over the place and uhm, how's a nice way to put this? He poops on baby's clothes and bedding."

Matt:"Marking his territory."

Isitar: "I can't risk keeping Seti, as much as I like him. I won't declaw him and Seti's quite defensive of his territory. My sister's cat didn't seem to mind the baby. In fact, the kitty sniffed my sister's new baby, then very gently licked the baby's face."

Matt: "Some cats are more territorial than others. There is a way to train the cats so they won't mind baby as much. Of course, you need to acclimate the cat prior to bringing home baby."

Isitar sits down on the other side of the carrier.

Isitar: "Wish I'd known that before I brought baby home. Baby's here and Seti needs to find another home because my kid will begin to crawl soon."

Matt: "He can find a home with me."

He smiles reassuringly at Isitar.

Isitar: "Thanks, Doctor Slingerland." 

Matt: "Welcome. Does he have special toys or a scratching post?"

Isitar: "Yeah. Those are out in my car."

Matt: "Fabulous. We'll stop by your car and get Seti's things then I'll take him to his new home."

Isitar smiles as Matt stands up and takes the cat's carrier in his hand. Seti yowls loudly, expressing his indignity as the sudden movement. 

Matt: "S'all right, Seti. Soon you'll have a new kingdom to rule."

He motions Isitar out the door.

Matt: "After you."

Isitar: "Why thank you!" 

She smiles at Matt then leans down to see Seti. He growls at her, obviously angry. 

Isitar: "I hate to do this to you, Seti, but I can't have you pooping and peeing all over baby's clothes."

Seti growls and Matt holds the carrier up so he can see Seti.

Matt: "Easy there, Seti."

In response, Seti's eyes merely glow green but he doesn't yowl any more.

Isitar: "He seems to like you, Doctor Slingerland."

Matt: "I hope so. He'll be living with me."

...Harriet and Letty are trying to convince Nicole Sanders to have a biopsy of the tumor on the pulmonary artery. Nicole is sitting on the edge of her hospital bed, dressed and ready to go home.

Harriet is standing next to Letty, who is not in a good mood this morning. 

Letty: "As Doctor Brennan said last night, that tumor needs to be biopsied."

Nicole: "And as I said last night, I'm getting a second opinion."

Harriet: "There's nothing wrong with a second opinion. We just need to be prepared."

Nicole: "I'll have you know I'm not going to use any of the HMO's doctors. I'm going to go to my husband's physician."

Letty and Harriet give each other a knowing glance.

Harriet: "Is he a cardiologist?"

Nicole: "No. An internist."

Letty: "You need to have a cardiologist and an oncologist."

Nicole folds her arms across her chest.

Nicole: "I need to carry this baby to term."

Harriet: "Nicole, you may suffer a heart attack from blocked blood flow if that tumor grows larger."

Nicole: "Has it grown larger since last night?"

Letty shakes her head.

Nicole: "Then it's safe to say that it won't grow larger for a few more days."

Letty sighs and shakes her head.

Letty: "You do know the risks that you're taking?"

Nicole: "I'm trying to see that Chase is a full term baby."

Harriet: "You might not live to see his birth if you don't follow Doctor Jordan's advice."

Nicole: "I'll wait and see what the other doctor says."

Harriet: "All right. But the blunt truth is you're going to have to have a c-section six or seven weeks early."

Nicole: "If I have to deliver early, there will be no c-section."

Harriet looks at Letty.

Letty: "If you have to deliver early, you won't have a choice but to deliver by c-section. Can't have a long labor with a large tumor on the pulmonary artery."

Nicole looks at the two doctors, who nod at her gravely. She gets up from the bed.

Nicole: "I'll hope not to see you later."

Harriet: "You will."

Nicole leaves the room. 

Harriet: "Is the tumor malignant?"

Letty: "Most likely. But if she won't take a diagnosis from me, perhaps she'll take a diagnosis from someone else."

Harriet: "If it's a malignancy, would it be terminal?"

Letty: "On the pulmonary artery? Probably."

Harriet: "Damn. That might be why she's backing off of treatment. That way, she doesn't have to deal with a terminal diagnosis while pregnant."

Letty: "I think you might be right, Harriet. Come on, I'll buy you a coffee."

Harriet nods and the two women leave the hospital room. 

...Matt has just set Seti's cat carrier on the roof of Matt's rented Lamborghini when Nick strolls up. The cat's scratching post and toys are in the trunk.

Nick: "Hey."

Matt: "Hey, back. You all right?"

Nick nods. 

Nick: "Yeah. She's gonna be charged with attempted assault, carrying a gun without a permit and such things like that."

Matt: "Sure you're all right?"

Nick: "Quite." (but Nick looks bothered) "What's that? Or rather, who's that?"

Matt: "Pharoah Seti the Second. Newly adopted."

Nick looks into the cat carrier. Seti's eyes glow green.

Nick: "Pretty kitty."

Seti meows, plaintively.

Matt: "He must be hungry and tired of being cooped up in there."

Nick: "Gonna drop him off at home before lunch?"

Matt: "Yeah. Wanna grab a bite to eat? You'll have to hold Seti's carrier."

Nick gets in the passenger side of the Lamborghini. 

Nick: "Sure. Hey, heard you treated Jules for a black eye this morning."

Matt: "Sean's handiwork. Seems she surprised him when she walked into Rae's bathroom unannounced."

Nick: "So she told me."

Matt hands Nick Seti's carrier and Nick sets the carrier on his lap, then walks around to the driver's side of the car and gets it. 

Matt: "Zoom, zoom!"

Nick: "She's a nice car."

Matt: "She's an expensive car. But I love her."

Matt pats the steering wheel fondly as he backs out of his parking space. 

...Elsewhere on the UMC campus, Rae is walking down the sidewalk, seeing everything, yet seeing nothing. 

The spring flowers are in full bloom and the campus is filled with summer students seeking to earn their degrees a little quicker. 

Approaching a small, modern building set behind several large black cherry trees (reminding Rae that when July comes, she needs to get her baskets and pick cherries from this small grove so she can make her famous brandied black cherry pie), Rae hesitates as she nears the sand colored building. 

Nervous, she wrings her hands and looks around. 

Wetting her lips, she gathers her courage and marches up to the door. Opening the door she steps in. Taking a look around the foyer, there is well done artwork on the grass-cloth covered walls. Large potted ferns dot the foyer, creating a tropical atmosphere as Rae walks down towards the end of the hallway. 

Rae can see there is a reception desk with a cheerful blond nurse manning the desk--Rae can see the nurse's white teeth from her vantage point. 

Rae walks up to the nurse, who smiles at Rae.

Nurse: "Hello."

Rae: "Hello."

Nurse: "And your appointment is for...?"

Rae: "HIV test."

Nurse: "Ah, yes."

The nurse rummages on her desk and comes up with the appropriate form.

Nurse: "You'll be 674-05-UMC. My, my. Lots of people must be getting married this spring."

Rae looks confused.

Rae: "Come again?"

Nurse: "674-04-UMC. That's a privacy code so you can phone in for your results without disclosing your identity."

Rae: "I see."

Rae smiles to show that she does indeed understand about the privacy codes.

Nurse: "The 674 means you're number 674 this month. Oh-four means, of course, April. And UMC designates you were tested at the UMC branch of HIV Services. Now, if you'll just take a seat in private waiting room number 3, we'll have someone come for you in a jiffy."

Rae: "Thanks."

The nurse turns away, apparently satisfied that she's delivered all the information Rae needs to know.

Rae: "Uh, Nurse?"

The nurse turns back.

Nurse: "Yes?"

Rae: "Where is waiting room number 3?"

Nurse: "Down that hall and third door on the left."

Rae: "Thanks again."

Rae walks down the indicated hallway. It's quiet. The hallway sports a different variety of potted plants and flowers. Rae finds the private waiting room assigned her and opens the door. 

Inside, the room is barely large enough for a small cafe-type table, two slender chairs and a small end table piled with magazines. Putting her purse on the table, Rae sits down and discovers she can reach the small end table with ease. 

She selects a magazine and begins to read it.

...Going into the kitchen for another helping of Mrs Winter's chocolate cookies, Jules runs into Norman. Spying the cookie plate on the counter, Jules makes a beeline and grabs a cookie. Norman is pouring himself some coffee. 

Jules: "What were the police doing here earlier? I saw the cars from my office."

Norman: "Someone pulled a gun on Nick."

A shocked Jules drops the cookie.

Jules: "What?"

Norman: "His date from last night didn't like the way he ended the evening."

Jules: "You're kidding, right? No one would pull a gun on Nick."

Norman: "Wish I were kidding."

Jules: "Is he all right?"

Norman: "Yeah. He broke her wrist when he kicked the gun out of her hand."

Jules smiles.

Jules: "He's been teaching me a few moves in hapkido. Glad he's had some practice."

She bends down and picks up the remains of the doomed cookie. 

Norman: "I think I'll sign up with him for a few lessons as well. Ophelia's scary."

Jackie walks into the kitchen as Jules stands up. 

Jackie: "Who's scary?"

Norman and Jules: "Ophelia."

Jackie: (smiling) "Helped Nick kick her out of his apartment last night."

Norman: "And Nick kicked the gun right out of Ophelia's hand a few hours ago."

Jackie is confused. 

Jackie: "Huh? Gun? What gun?"

She looks from Norman to Jules, who has dumped the doomed cookie's corpse into the trash. 

Norman: "Ophelia dropped by today toting a gun and pointed the business end of it at Nick. He deflected her intent and kicked the gun out of her hand, breaking her wrist."

Jackie looks shocked.

Jackie: "Is he all right?"

Norman: "Shook up. But he'll be fine."

Jackie: "I hope so."
Just past four thirty, Marnie is quite pleased with her implants. Jackie decides to send her home and Marnie gets dressed in jeans and a tiny top. 

Walking down the hallway, Marnie spies Jules and Nick outside in a private, grassy area next to the outpatient center. The grassy area is in a square shape. On the far side of the grassy area there is a hedge. 

Seeing a door leading into the area, Marnie walks out of the outpatient center and runs smack into Jules and Nick, who are practicing a few hapkido moves.

Marnie: “Afternoon, Doctor Keating!”

Surprised and turning around in mid leg kick, Jules falls down. Nick tries to help her get up. 

Once standing, Jules takes a look to see who called her name. 

Jules gapes.

Jules: “Marnie Brown! What in the bloody hell did you do?”

Marnie smiles.

Marnie: “They’re called breasts, Doctor Keating. Got them this morning.”

Nick looks from Jules to Marnie.

Nick: “Mind telling me what’s going on?”

Marnie smiles hugely.

Marnie: “I got breasts.”

Jules turns to Nick. 

Jules: “She’s only sixteen.”

Nick: “Uh oh.”

Jules: “Uh oh is right.”

She turns to Marnie.

Jules: “Do you know what you’ve done?”

Marnie: “Just told you. I got breasts this morning.”

Jules throws her hands up in the air and moans. Nick looks from Jules to Marnie and back to Jules again. 

Jules: “Not only that, but you just bought Doctor Collette a lawsuit.”

Marnie: “How come? She did what she was told to do.”

Jules: “Marnie, things don’t work like that. When you’re underage, you just don’t order someone to give you the medical care that you want. Your mother is going to pitch a fit. Not to mention suing the pants off Doctor Collette.”

Marnie: “No, she won’t.”

Jules: “Yes she will.”

Seeing that his input is not needed at the moment, Nick begins to do some stretching exercises. 

Marnie smiles again and sticks her chest out. 

Marnie: “She’s in Hawaii. And I’m staying with my aunt.”

Jules: “And your aunt will phone your mom.”

Marnie: “Nope. She hates my mother. And my mom can’t order me to have the implants taken out.”

Nick: “She’s got a point there, Jules. To take out implants, Marnie would have to be put under general again and there’s always a risk to general anesthesia.”

Jules throws up her hands in disgust.

Marnie: “Anyways, I just wanted to show you Doctor Collette’s handiwork. I thought I was going to have 34B implants but these are 36B.”

Jules: “What?”

Marnie: (grinning) “Someone in pre-op laid out the wrong size implants. Oh, don’t worry, Doctor Keating. Not that I’m complaining! Not one bit!" 

Nick: “Wasn’t any of my surgical nurses that goofed.”

Jules gives Nick a sharp look then turns her attention back to Marnie.

Jules: “And Doctor Collette didn't notice?"

Marnie shrugs. 

Marnie: "Don't know. She didn't say anything about the size. These breasts are well worth the money I paid for them."

Jules: "You mean the money your mother is going to pay for them.”

Marnie: “Nope. My money. Took it from my college account. I'm paid in full as of this morning."

Jules groans in a "how do I get myself into these things" way.

Jules: "Marnie. Two things."

Marnie: "Yeah?"

Jules: "One. I saw your mom this morning when she came into my office to ask why you were given a pelvic exam last week."

Marnie blushes and glances at Nick. Nick pretends not to notice the conversation.

Marnie: "Do you have to bring that up?"

Jules: "Yes I do. And two. You lied to me, you lied to your mother and you lied to Doctor Collette."

Marnie: "So what if I did? I got what I wanted."

Jules: "At someone else's expense. I hope you're happy with yourself."

Marnie: "Yep. Used my college funds to pay for my breasts. These are going to help me later on in my career."

Nick stops stretching a moment. 

Nick: “And how are you supposed to pay for college if there’s no money in your educational account?”

Marnie looks at Nick.

Marnie: “I’m going to be an actress.”

Nick: “You still need an education.”

Marnie: “I don’t think so.

Nick: “I think so. Take a look at all the television shows that have been cancelled. Do you think the actors always return to work right away?”

Marnie looks doubtful.

Jules: “Not all the actors get work. Some actors wait on the roadside a long time until something else pops up.”

Nick: “How are you going to pay the bills if you’re out of work for several months? An education will at least get you the money to pay your rent.”

Marnie: “Weeeellll, I suppose…”

Nick: “You could get an education.”

Marnie: “I could ask my grandmother for the cash to pay my tuition.”

Jules: “Think she’ll go for it?”

Marnie: “Don’t know.”

Jules: “I hope she agrees, because what you did today was stupid. All you needed to do was wait six months and you would have discovered you weren’t so keen on having large breasts anyways.”

Marnie: (shrugging her shoulders) “What’s done is done.”

Nick goes back to his stretching exercises. 

Jules: “That’s true.” (she runs a hand through her hair) “Have you told Doctor Collette your true age?”

Marnie shakes her head.

Marnie: “Nope. Gonna leave that to you. Ta! Gotta run and show off my new breasts.”

Before Jules can answer, Marnie flounces off towards the door, her silky black curls bouncing on her shoulders.

Jules: “Marnie, wait!”

Marnie calls over her shoulders.

Marnie: “Can’t! Bye, Doctor Keating! Bye, hunky doc!”

Nick smiles but doesn’t respond to Marnie's goodbye.

Nick: "Nice kid."

Jules: "A liar." 

Nick: “You might want to go tell Jackie the bad news.”

Jules: (pleading) “Come with me, please?” 

Nick looks to the side a moment.

Nick: “All right.”

Jules hugs Nick.

Jules: “Thank you! Owe you one.”

Nick: “Let’s go find Doctor Collette and ruin her the rest of her day.”

The two docs go off in search of Jackie. Nick takes a running leap and bounds over the low hedge. Jules tries to follow suit and falls down. 

Jules: "Oww! Dammit!"

As he runs, Nick looks over his shoulder and sees that Jules has fallen. He turns and runs back towards Jules.

Nick: "You hurt?"

Jules: "Just my pride. And I think I skinned my knee." (she howls) "Dammit!" 

Jules rolls up her pants leg and sure enough, her right knee is skinned. Nick helps Jules stand up.

Nick: "What's done is done. Can't cry over spilt milk."

Jules groans. 

Nick: "Let's get Doctor Matt to take a look at that skinned knee, shall we?"

Jules: "It's fine. Really. Just some skin lost. Not a big deal."

Nick swings Jules up and carries her towards the front doors of Presidio.

Jules: "Nick! Put me down!" 

But Jules can't help giggling as Nick carries her towards the front doors of Presidio.  

...Meanwhile, Rae is sitting in her car in the parking lot. She's come to a decision. Picking up her cell phone, Rae dials a number. The phone on the other end rings...and rings...and rings.

"Damn. He's not there."

She presses the "end" button then dials another number. The phone rings...and rings...and rings.

"Damn again! How come I can't find anyone when I have something to tell them?"

...Outside of Presidio’s offices, Harriet is trying to pull into busy rush hour traffic. Just as she’s pulling into the moving stream of cars, her head and shoulders suddenly snap forward but the seat belt pulls her back against the seat. 

A loud thump is heard from the rear of the car. 

Horns are honking, the cars’ drivers are angry at the delay.

“What now?”

Harriet sits for a moment, checking to see if she’s been injured. Seeing no injuries, she undoes her seat belt and gets out of the car. 

Going around to the back of the car, she spies the other driver getting out of his car.


“Oh, my god! Harriet! I didn’t...what the hell...Are you all right?”

Harriet nods. 

“Yes. Just a bump on my head.”

A few voices call out at the couple: 

“Move it!”

“Get the traffic flowing!”

"Outta my way!"

Ignoring the voices, George goes over to Harriet and checks to see if she’s all right. 

Matt saw the accident and has run from Presidio’s offices.

Matt: “Harriet! You all right?”

Harriet: “Yes. Yes. I'm fine. Just a fender bender.”

Matt: “Hello, George. Lucky you came along just now.”

George: “I was the one that rear ended her.”

Confused, Matt looks from Harriet to George.

Harriet: “Guess we don’t have to worry about exchanging insurance, now do we?”

George: “For my company’s new car, we do.”

Harriet: “So that’s why I didn’t recognize the car.”

George: “I was test driving it. Car’s a bit big for me. We really should move the cars, Harriet. Doesn’t look like anything’s damaged.”

Harriet: “Good idea.”

She makes a move towards the driver’s seat of her car but Matt stops her by placing his hand on her shoulder. He smiles down at her.

Matt: “Not so fast, young lady. I’ll drive this to the garage. George, you’ll follow with Harriet?”

George smiles. “That I will certainly do.”

While Matt gets into Harriet’s car and pulls into traffic, George takes Harriet’s arm and  
leads her around to the passenger side of the car.

“There you go. Buckled up?”


George walks around to his side of the car, gets in and pulls into a waiting spot in the traffic. 

...Meanwhile, Jules and Nick are at the front desk, where Norman is just finishing up for the day.

Norman: "In the kitchen with the cookies."

Jules: "Thanks, Norman."

Norman: "The police want to have a chat with you tomorrow morning, Doctor K."

Nick nods. 

Nick: "I'll be here."

Jules and Nick head towards the kitchen where Jackie is sitting at the table. A huge brownie is in her hand. She's just about to take a bite when Jules and Nick come into the kitchen. 

Jackie: "Hey, Jules, Nick. Nick, are you all right?"

Nick: "Yes. Thanks for asking."

Jackie: "You sure?"

Nick: "Quite sure." 

Jules goes to the table and sits down. Nick follows suit and takes one of the thick brownies from the plate and begins to eat. Jackie takes a bite out of her brownie. Jules decides this is a good time for her to ask what she knows about Marnie. 

Nick: "Mmmm."

Jules: "I've a question, Jackie."

Jackie: (mumbling) "Mmmm. Gggaa hhhheeedd."

Jules: "What do you know about Marnie Brown?"

Jackie: "Hmmmm?"

Jules: "Marnie Brown. You gave her breast implants today.”

Jackie finishes chewing and looks at Nick for help. He just shrugs his shoulders and continues eating his brownie. A crumb falls from Jackie’s mouth and she catches it, placing the errant crumb on the paper plate in front of her. 

Jackie: “Marnie Brown? I did a Marnie Princeman today.” 

Jackie looks around.

Jackie: “Ooops. Forgot about HIPPA. Not supposed to reveal the identity of any patients.”

Jules: “Marnie Brown is her name.”

Jackie: “You must be mistaken. It was Marnie Princeman.”

Jules shakes her head. Jackie is beginning to understand that she’s in deep water: Jules is a pediatrician. 

Jackie: (panic is showing on her face) “What are you getting at?”

Jules: “Do you know how old Marnie is?”

Jackie: “Eighteen.”

As Jackie snaps her fingers to emphasize her answer, Jules shakes her head.

Jackie: (her voice squeaking) “Nineteen?”

Hoping she’s answered correctly, Jackie takes a bite of her brownie as Jules shakes her head.

Jules: “Try sixteen.”

Jackie nearly chokes on her brownie. Nick gets up and pounds her on the back---hard.

Nick: “Better?”

Jackie: “Yes. Thanks, Nick. Jules, what do you mean, Marnie’s sixteen?”

Nick goes back to sit down and takes another brownie from the plate on the table. 

Jules: (steepling her fingers)  “See, it’s this way. Marnie Brown--that’s her mother’s surname--came to me last week on an emergency appointment. Marnie wanted breast implants. I got her to agree to give the idea six months, at which time I hoped she would have cooled off on the idea.”

Jackie: “Except she didn’t. Are you sure we’re talking about the same Marnie?”

Jules: “Formerly flat chested teen with silky black curls bouncing on her shoulders.”

Jackie looks from Jules to Nick with a horrified expression on her face.

Jackie: “Oh shit. I’m in trouble.”

Jules: “I’d say you were.”

Jackie: “What do I do now?”

Jules: “Hold on. It gets worse.”

Jackie: “How can it get worse?”

Jules: “You gave Marnie 36B implants instead of 34B.”

Jackie: “I thought they looked a little big but I was so tired I didn’t stop to think.”

Jules: “You’d better get down to David’s office, see what he and Legal have to say about this.”

Jackie just remains sitting there, pale. 

Jules: “Jackie, you hear me?”

Jackie: “I heard you. Crap. Implants in a sixteen year old.”

Jules: “Marnie’s happy so you won’t hear from her. It’s her mother you’ll have to worry about.”

...Around 5:30 pm, in Matt's apartment, a happy Pharaoh Seti II is lounging on one of the Pottery Barn's shelving that Matt has installed in various places on his living room walls. Matt hasn't had time to fill up the shelves and Seti has discovered that the four inch shelving makes a perfect place to take a nap. He is purring. 

Matt walks in his apartment door and spies Seti II on the shelving. 

Matt: "So you like your new home, eh Seti?"

Seti opens his green eyes and blinks at Matt.  Matt walks over to Seti and pets him. Seti responds by upping the volume of his purr.

Matt chuckles. 

"Don't like the squalling of babies, eh?"

Matt goes to his kitchen and takes a bottle of champagne out of the fridge. There's a knock on his door.

"Just a minute!" 

Setting the champagne down, Matt goes to answer the front door. A complacent Seti looks at Matt. 

"Harmony! Good of you to drop by. Come in!"

Harmony enters and Matt leans down for a kiss. Harmony complies.

She spies Seti.

"You got a cat!"

"Recent adoptee. His name is Seti the Second."

Harmony laughs, goes over to Seti's lounging place and pets him. 

"Hello, Seti." 

Seti flicks his tail at Harmony.

"He's a refugee. Crying baby at his former home."

"Some cats don't like babies."

"That's what I told him."

"So long as they're fed, they're happy."

"I noticed. Seti likes cooked chicken liver. Want something to drink?"

Harmony shakes her head.

"No. I'm on my way towards another night class. I just wanted to see if Nick was all right. I heard what happened on the news."

"He's a bit shaken, but he's fine."

"And to think we were out with Ophelia last night."

"She's safely locked up and you don't have to worry your pretty head about her."

He goes over to Harmony and hugs her.

"Hey. Want a lift to class?"

"In the Lamborghini? Sure!"

Matt grins. "Lemme put the bubbly away and away we shall go!"

Matt heads towards the kitchen while Harmony continues to pet and coo at Seti.