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2/11: UC Fic :Cody's First Arrest

2/21...Obviously trying out a new design entitled Three Talented Hunks. 

What a BLIZZARD! Yeeeehawwwww! I'm a northeastern gal getting her snow fix. Did you know a large number of Washingtonians drive on compacted snow without snow chains? Not one news broadcast mentioned snow chains...without home internet access, I haven't linked all the sections...I may go back to the old design depending on how this works out. 

If you're in the middle of a non-PM story: see here for the old site.  

Paul's photo is up there, which means: see Paul Blackthorne news below.  Doing Paul's multimedia site got me thinking about re-designing my own site.  

Notice John Hannah up there? I'm branching out into his McCallum/Rebus series as my next fanfiction effort until Hannah, Fehr & Blackthorne land their new shows/movies or Da Man Shane gets a show out or Woodward/Wells get another project going. I'll probably have to write in the style of McCallum/Rebus, but both of those are murder mysteries & I don't set those type of stories up very well. The current fic series will continue to be updated with new fics.   

Some people don't like the JC fics I wrote as they really don't match his JC Mummy character. But the fics are set in WWII & after seeing 800 planes coming towards your country & bombarding your city, well, people changed & I was experimenting: how would JC's character change after September 7, 1940?  

Floppies and me don't work out...a few weeks ago, I lost an entire disk full of stories & I had no back up copies. Some stories turned out much better when I rewrote them from memory. "Doc Howland's Friday..." is much better re-written. Others--well, they're lost. I may have to start writing stories, deleting them without saving copies, then rewrite them from memory--they turn out better!  

2/11...UC shorty fic Cody's First Arrest (or, UC Untitled 2)...Cody makes his first arrest after he discovers a relative has been scammed....

if ya still wanna read a selection of poetry I published some years ago...

Paul Blackthorne news:  

He's got his own .com, which is great! His site isn't entered into the search engines, which was why it didn't pop up when I typed his name in the search sites.   

Without thinking about typing his name into the browser--doh! memo to self: try that next time--what I could ferret out were photos from Paul's early series and video clips...so his site is mainly a multimedia gallery that complements his own site nicely. 

I prefer not to duplicate information but I'll leave Paul's filmography as I put photos next to many of his characters. This is my personal site, so I'll be colorful here; but Paul's multimedia site is quite handsome! A BIIIG thank you to surfsup for getting all those PM photos that I needed. 

I plan on moving his URL to another site as his current url is a storage site stretched to the max, but I'll keep ya posted with a hotlink from this site...

British fans of the series he was in across the pond had no idea where he went after Holby. Paul's done extensive commercials in the UK, so it's not like he just up and disappeared. The most common response was: "Guy/Liam's getting famous stateside?" Holby City's Guy Morton was not at all liked. Guy was described to me as 'that smarmy Guy'. His storyline: popular Victoria Merrick returned troubled substance-abusing Guy's engagement ring and shortly thereafter she was discovered murdered. People thought Guy offed her in retaliation.  

She was brutally stabbed--and Guy was a plastic surgeon. One would think a plastic surgeon would make his stab wounds in a neat manner, which could explain why the Yard thought someone else offed Victoria. They were correct in their assumption someone was trying to frame Guy.  

To view the DHTML in his multimedia site, your browser needs to be at least this tall: 4.XX for MSIE/NS. Younger versions of MSIE throw a tantrum & youngNS versions may or may not view the DHTML, depending upon the browser's mood. The longer video clip features lots of background noise so it may be hard to hear Paul at times. I sincerely hope the beeb no longer employs that particular sound person. 

Without further ado: here is Paul's Gallery from his early series: Paul Blackthorne Multimedia Resources