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"Something Wicked This Way Comes" fic series:
4/07/03: Something Wicked This Way Comes
4/21/03: Part II of Something Wicked...
4/28/03: Special Deliveries
5/05/03: Continuations
5/12/03: An ADA Speaks to Rae
5/19/03: Surprise, Surprise
5/27/03: A Little Night Music, Please
Dr Dalgety: 
Dr Dalgety--Just A Matter of Time

Sudden Change in Plans
--a Dr Dalgety fic (5/10)

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

5/27/03...Day late cuz of Memorial Day. Not having home internet access is driving me bonkers. 

In the latest installment of the "Something Wicked" series, A Little Night Music, Please (and more of a roaming fic): Nick steps in for Doctor Crenshaw (UMC's spinal surgeon) and Nick performs spinal fusion surgery. Later on that night, Nick goes on a poetry-reading double date with Ophelia, Matt and Harmony. When Nick's end of the date goes sour at his apartment, it's surprise! Jackie who turns things around for Nick but Ophelia tries one last dirty trick. Rae repaints her bedroom and has a scare while Jules pays the price for dropping over at Rae's house unannounced. Letty and Rae try to convince a pregnant woman to get a biopsy on a suspicious chest tumor. Matt discovers what's been bothering him about Linda Weatherbee's autopsy report. 

5/19/03...Whoa, Nellie! seriously channelling Harriet's character last week; she got quite heavily into a subject not talked about very much (except in Elle). Noticed ER did a line on a vax program in the Congo. Must be channelling their writers as well :o). Fixed link problems before attending a steak dinner at Finn & Porter but didn't do squat today about site redesign.

Surprise, Surprise...whew! a lighter PM fic. Letty is awaiting the delivery of the defibrillators so she can start her new heart defibrillation program. On Jackie's front, she sees a socialite patient who wants lipo in an unusual place. Jules tries to distract a sixteen year old from getting breast implants but the teen has different plans. To Rae, Nick relays a most welcome bit of news & the men at Presidio receive a secret admirer. Running interference for Jules, Matt helps track down the source of the mystery ailment that four year old Alessio Evangelista came down with in Topeka & Matt tells Doctor Howland the results of her practice lecture on "Emergency Surgical Techniques in the ER." But the news isn't good for Doctor Howland. I gave Harriet the day off.

5/12/03...An ADA Speaks to Rae
Ellen Etzel, an Assistant District Attorney, makes Rae sweat during an hours-long interview during which the ADA decides to take Rae's case to trial. Robert Winningham is much nastier than previously believed. Jules makes a misdiagnosis of a flu patient--who doesn't have the flu--and Doctor Howland is attempting to correct Jules' diagnosis but a panic-stricken woman overhears a part of the conversation. Matt is still feeling down after Linda Weatherbee's sudden death & he decides to meet up with Nick for dinner, Jackie manages to short out a circuit, potentially causing problems in OR 4, where Letty and a tired-from-shootings Tom are working on a quadruple bypass. After their lecture, Harriet and Jules end up discussing a Washington Post article (real life: ran on Saturday, May 10) with the residents. 

5/10/05...Sudden Change of Plans: Dalgety's date in Reno goes very well as Lady Luck gives him and his date quite the lucky streak. But in Robert Dalgety's world, for every good thing that happens, there's a sudden change of plans... 

I'm still finding Dalgety's voice...Rae's questioning by the ADA will be posted Monday.

5/5/03...Continuations...Continuing the "Something Wicked This Way Comes" fic series and the companion to "Special Deliveries"...upon her return to San Francisco Sunday evening, Rae discovered there wasn't much mention on the news about her delivering the Winery Baby, although the news is making human interest headlines up and down the coast. Disappointed with the lack of news coverage, Rae decides to give rookie tv reporter Amanda Sotherby another shot at interviewing; Rae (not knowing how damaging written evidence can be in a court room) starts a journal & she receives a phone call from an assistant DA.

Harriet's patients are busy debunking a common myth & Jules is practicing Harriet's lecture notes in preparation for Harriet's lecture on Tuesday. Several of Jackie's patients have cancelled and she's taking advantage of the freedom to go out to lunch. Letty is concerned about a bypass patient's argumentativeness. On the Nick side, he's recently been appointed as Deputy Director to Matt's WHO SARS Control Specialist (another title change), & Nick is enjoying his time on the rented ketch, catching up on his upcoming lecture notes (he signed up for another practice lecture). And despite Amanda's rotten rookie interview with him, Matt was contacted by CNN to do an interview. 

Elsewhere on the Matt front, he grows concerned about a patient's welfare when she shows up in his office sporting stitches just under her eyebrow, David tells Matt he is considering easing up on patient visiting restrictions in effect during the SARS crisis, Matt asks trainee Physician Assistant Harmony for a date (that extends to dinner) & Doctor Howland chews out Matt for his allowing Nick to attend her lecture. (I love the new b/w photo of Paul! Found it on a Lagaan site.) 

4/28/03... Must finish re-designing this site...I hate writer's block! McCallum fic does not respond. Rebus doesn't appear to be my cup of tea but he's the best of the bunch so far. I am in serious need of a vacation...

Special Deliveries is a softer fic that wanders about. 
Giving Rae a break from all the pounding she's received lately, Rae gets not one but two surprise deliveries. On the Nick front, he comes up with a way for Rae to assist other date-rape victims. With Tom's assistance, Letty cribs an idea from Matt & proposes her own press conference. Jules and Jackie go on a tour of Napa but they find their trip cut short. After getting Charles Grayning's biopsy results, Matt's press conference turns out to be a one-on-one interview but he is both disappointed in the interview and surprised at the reception the interview gets. Harriet tries to rope an unsuspecting Nick into assisting with one of her lectures. A Starring Everyone storyline.

ah, btw--the George Washington University program referred to in the story was a real program run at GWU in the mid-90s using fully informed and selectively screened RN volunteers. In the mid-90's and for about a year, I used to work at GWU in a non-medical capacity. Drink Safe Coasters can be found here. 

4/21/03...Serious writer's block lately on all fronts: fanfiction and the kid's book stalled. Fanfiction picked up a little this weekend. This one came out in dribbles over the last two weeks. Strange how in three hours I can get an entire storyline out and other times I can only get three or four pages done in those three hours. 

Part II of Something Wicked This Way Comes. 
Rae's been released from the hospital and is about to be interviewed by the police--again. Nick is a bit distant with Rae; perhaps he's reacting at the unexpected development her life has taken or maybe it's the long-distance relationship maturing. For Matt, after seeing a male patient with chest pain, Matt grows worried about an ugly rumor going around the City: that SARS is rampant down on Noriega Street (see CBS news article) & he comes up with an idea to help dispel the rumor. Elsewhere on the Matt front, he has asked Jackie out to lunch but when Tom's wallet comes up missing, a fed up with rumors Matt chews out the gossip hungry Jackie before she even has a chance to gossip. a Matt/Rae/Nick storyline... 

4/14/03...Paging Dr Dalgety!...Doctor Dalgety is now accepting patients. The latest shorty fic was a possible story treatment for MDs and naturally I wanted to feature JH. 

In Just A Matter Of Time, Dalgety is slowly coming to terms with the death of his girlfriend Gina Reyes (Danielle Camastra) in a traffic accident. As a result of a freak record snowfall, Dalgety's been worked to the bone these last few weeks while holed up at the Mish (Mission General). On the first warm spring day in the City, Dalgety mills with the thronging crowds on the streets, then decides to go for take out at his favorite Thai restaurant. Thinking twice upon his recent confinement, Dalgety decides to have a sit down dinner. But Dalgety's split second decision will place him in the middle of a gang war--and he has flashbacks to his battlefield experience. PM's Aftermath features a small part of this storyline. 

4/7/03...delivered: A Matt/Rae/Nick longer dual major storyline featuring Doctor Howland. 

In Something Wicked This Way Comes, in his new responsibility as SARS Control Manager, Matt is emotionally strained by a lot of angry patients. To help deal with the SARS crisis (2601 infected; 100 dead as of 4/7, according to WHO), UMC has advanced strict new patient visiting hours, in addition to strict new germ-control tactics & Matt leads the brigade. 

Meanwhile, Rae has to deal with having to inform a young opinionated patient about her being placed in a highly controversial drug trial. Then Rae is faced with a shocking new crisis--and it affects Nick. However, things aren't always as they seem @ the offices of Presidio...but that's the title to another fanfic story. The substories in "Wicked", including Rae's decision, will be resolved during subsequent PM fics.

4/5/03 Long absence here...Monday (4/7) will see an upload of a PM storyline that popped up on Friday. It's a Rae-centric story that stretches the PM storyline to its limits while Matt initiates a new job angle to his partnership...Dr Howland makes an appearance and her sharp tongue bites! But things aren't always as they seem...& Rae, along with Dr Nick have some thinking to do. 

3/13/03...As promised! Continuing my dialogue skills, a new Presidio Med fic: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. I didn't play this fic off an ep (I would really like to get a hold of the unaired scripts!) as a) the series is cancelled and b) I can't figure out what the unaired eps are about without their loglines--and tvtome is of no help whatsoever. 

Not as integrated or well developed as "Deep", NVNG brings a promise from Nick to Matt when Matt is given an ultimatum by the HMO, and Rae is forced to confront her feelings about Nick--to Nick himself. 

Paul Blackthorne news

4/7/03 Found a Beeb interview they did with Paul & Sport Relief...it's posted way at the bottom of the Filmography section...

Surfsup over at Presidio Med.net obtained the promo photos I used on Paul's PM gallery. I had to slice-n-dice 'em down to a wee smaller size...haven't gotten around to doing the new photos I noticed she posted. Thanks! 

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