Update News: 
3/5...Obviously trying out a new design entitled Three Talented Hunks. 

First a blizzard, then balmy days. Today is about 50 degrees in WDC. Makes house hunting a bit easier. Contending cities are: Buffalo, Boston, Chicago, Frisco, Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Seattle, Tulsa & since I wish to try writing as a paid job, the area around LA. International locations include: Greece & France; Santiago. It's not that expensive to buy a home now is it? Not if you know where to look!

If you're in the middle of a story: see here for the old site.

Paul's site news. 

Notice John Hannah up there? I'm branching out into his McCallum/Rebus series as my next fanfiction effort until Hannah, Fehr & Blackthorne land their new shows/movies or Da Man Shane gets a show out or Woodward/Wells get another project going. I'll probably have to write in the style of McCallum/Rebus, but both of those are murder mysteries & I don't set those type of stories up very well. The current fic series will continue to be updated with new fics (a long PM one is in the works). 

Some people don't like the JC fics I wrote as they really don't match his JC Mummy character. But the fics are set in WWII & after seeing 800 planes coming towards your country & bombarding your city, well, people changed & I was experimenting: how would JC's character change after September 7, 1940?  

Floppies and me don't work out...a few weeks ago, I lost an entire disk full of stories & I had no back up copies. Some stories turned out much better when I rewrote them from memory. "Doc Howland's Friday..." is much better re-written. Others--well, they're lost. I may have to start writing stories, deleting them without saving copies, then rewrite them from memory--they turn out better!  

Paul Blackthorne news:  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL! Yep, March 5 is Paul's birthday. 

To view the DHTML in his multimedia site, your browser needs to be at least this tall: 4.XX for MSIE/NS 

Without further ado: here is Paul's Gallery from his early series: Paul Blackthorne Multimedia Resources