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new fanfic for Ardethadded April 08

"Fragments": Lady Donovan Phones Frank

The Sins of Sonny Walker: Epilogue added 3/26

"The Shooting of Frank Donovan": A UC Novella has its own page
(formerly entitled "Another Frank Fragment, Parts I-V).

All fourteen chapters in the Novella are posted. An Epilogue to "Shooting" added 3/28

Ardeth Bey in: The Ring of Nuit (another sp. of Nut, Goddess of the Sky)
Ardeth must find the Ring of Nuit or else catastrophe! Chapters 1 through 10 are posted...and stay tuned for a sequel.

Kidnapped will be continued as soon as I can post them (Cody fans have two chaps with him) but Ardeth looked at me &...sigh!

Thanks to: the Executive Producers, Producers and Creators of UC: Undercover for letting me write about their characters. I suppose in some stories I write, I am pre-developing currently developing characters in my fan fiction.

If there are any conflicts, or if you, the Producers, wish me to alter or take down the stories, I will do so. I post under the nick ucferrarisgirl on Deep UC. (dear NBC: LUV what you've done with your Sunday nites!)

Thanks to: to the Cast for allowing me to use their portrayals of the characters in my fan fiction.

UC Characters are the property of their creators.

Non-UC characters are part of my imagination, so any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. With one exception: the attacker from "The Assault on Monica."  His description is in a police report.

The Fan Fiction por ucferrarisgirl
note: the interludes are fairly loooooooooong

My fanfiction is split along two lines: Pre-UC Frank & narrative interludes between official UC episodes. I tend to write short-stories in the narrative description and am unused to writing extensive dialogue. I am also unused to constructing extensive plot lines--I am a poet. Anti-war poetry is my strong suit. With that in mind, please allow me to present my fan fiction--where I hope you'll focus more on the characters and their actions rather than the mistakes in plot construction and the mistakes in the stylistic aspects of the fiction.

Ardeth's Dream: The Ring of Nuit
April 8: all ten chapters posted...stay tuned for a sequel

Epilogue: The Sins of Sonny Walker
Jake sits down to think and with the help of Frank, draws some conclusions about Sonny and himself. (added March 26)

London Blitz: Danita's Story (added March 22)
Introducing: Danita Weissman, a seven year old girl living in Stepney (a burb in East London) in 1941 who grows up to become Frank Donovan's mother. Danita's living through the Blitz (7 September 1940 thru 11 May 1941) and she and her mother Carmiela...well, let's say being a government agent runs in Frank's family! Like mother, like son! (and Frank does bear a strong resemblance to his mother--in features, intelligence and in personality)

The Shooting of Frank Donovan: A UC Novella
In this story, the team finds themselves in an eerie situation: Frank is shot in similar circumstances as John Keller--at a warehouse, taking down a drug gang. Explores the Team's psychological reactions to Frank's shooting. Alex reveals (in Chapter 10) a secret. Monica reflects upon her brother. Jake, well, Jake has to do something he doesn't want to do which goes against his entire nature. Cody discovers Frank is not what he seems and Frank? Frank meets a very special person and makes a new friend while he's in the hospital.

All fourteen chapters of "Shooting" are uploaded (March 22) plus an Epilogue added 3/28.

A Twist On An Interactive Novel--Karri wrote Chapter One over on the Deep UC Board and asked, 'what happens next?--please fill in with your chapters." So I'm writing my take on her premise:

The Van's security is compromised by both gunshots and an explosion. Cody and Monica are wounded--Monica quite seriously. Jake and Alex are all right. But Jake, to his horror, discovers Donovan is MIA, and judging from the blood trail that's left, Donovan is bleeding heavily. When Donovan wakes up from surgery, he has to figure out where he's at, plus turn the tables and take down his adversary. What happens next?

Chapters Two, Three and Four are posted (March 25)

Chapter Five (to become Chapter Three) is up 3/26: Memories of Childhood, Part I--Monica

Frank hot & spicy HAIKU!

UC: Undercover Fragments
These fragmented stories are not full-length interludes--where the entire UC team works in whole, or in part, to accomplish a given objective--but rather these stories are fragments of individual UC members going about their daily business.

Ardeth Bey wanted a fragment here as well, so up for your reading enjoyment is "Ardeth, The Cold Mountain and The Sea"

Oline is a dolphin who does live in the Red Sea (at least she did four years ago). You can read her story and Abdullah's (who, along with many of his Bedouin tribe, is deaf) story here:


This is the International Dolphin Watch's page and Oline's and Abdullah's story was shown on Danish TV.

UC Interludes:
(December 2001-Feb 2002)
Still In Training
Ever wonder how Frank got to be an FBI negotiator so young?

Timeline: this interlude is set during Franklin's time at the FBI Academy, outside of Washington DC. He is living in the dormitory with a roomie...our conservative Frank? With a roommate? Lol yes, time to find out how our Frank deals with that!

Note: Frank was training at Occoquan during the years Lorton prison was open--this would have been the 1980's? (UC Producers, is this date correct?). Lorton closed as of 2001.

Youthful Passions: A Twist of Fate
This interlude is about a young--so very, very young--Frank Donovan. It is about one of his first cases as a precocious rookie FBI agent and offers a glimpse into his past and hopefully gives insight into his present-day character. His talents are nascent and he has quite the role model to pattern himself on. He also had a girlfriend. And someone from his most recent past crops up in this, one of his first cases.

Note: Carol's bar does not exist in WDC (I live near there) but the area where the fictional bar is located used to be in a dilapidated area of the city near 9th street (near the theater where President Lincoln was fatally shot). In real life, the area used to be dilapidated but it is now being redeveloped.
Oh yeah, dear producers: I've given Frank's current character a black BMW Z20 as his personal car. Hope this doesn't cause problems! If it does, it can be changed!

The Assault on Monica
Monica's in deep, deep trouble. Cody & Alex are out of the city, Jake's hiding out somewhere in the city, and Frank? Frank's trying to go on vacation but he, too, is out of the city. Who will help Monica?

Timeline: interlude set just after UC's official episode, Zero Option.

Note: There is a law on the books stating that if you kick someone while you are wearing shoes, that counts as assault with a deadly weapon.

sex, lies & videotapes
warning: SLV is disturbing in parts

Timeline: this is an interlude set a short time after UC's official episode, Zero Option, and just after my own fictional interlude, "The Assault on Monica," with some psychological analysis from Frank thrown in.

Note for fan feedback: Frank has Monica & Cody in the action, but Frank does explain his actions, both in his thoughts and via dialogue. Any feedback on Frank's decisions regarding Monica & Cody in this story?

Note: More background information and character information in SLV on Frank, whom we are seeing off-camera, which we don't see in the official episodes.

In The Line Of Fire
ITLOF's interlude brings back an old, old quasi-nemesis of Frank's, who finds himself in a very bad fix after Frank has more than a few rather gruesome accidents.

Alex is sent off to Bangkok where her linguistic skills are put to use. A happy Jake gets to portray many different people in the course of the week while a very happy Cody gets to play extensively with his 'toys.' An unhappy Monica is used as a double but she does get to use the 'big toy' as a courtesy, so her emotions even out.

Note to UC fans: Our Dress Him In Black Frank likes to twist the plot around and around and around & play a few mind games, as you'll soon discover. He twisted the plot so much, I'm not sure if I understood his intentions correctly, so help me out if I misintrepeted Frank!

Timeline: set after the events in 'sex, lies & videotapes'.

The Chase
This interlude has the Team on a desperate chase to stop the Federal Reserve's computer passwords from being downlinked. The team is surprised to discover the thieves' hideout is right next to the FBI Academy.

Timeline: set several days before "The Siege"

Tropical Take Down
Frank's been put in too many spots in recent weeks and he is not in a very good mood. How about a nice Hawaiian punch with a twist from a dressed in white Frank?

Timeline: soon after my interlude 'in the line of fire'. I felt bad about making Frank swim a mile in a cold, dark river.

Note--in 1972 a team of FBI Agents in Hawaii wearing the usual dark suits FBI Agents prefer were staking out a felon in a public place. The comments of an elderly lady to her companion caused the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) to hand down a revised dress code policy that Agents in Hawaii wear aloha shirts in order to better blend in with the tourists and residents. Palmyra is indeed a tiny US Possession 1800 miles south of Hawaii.

Reference source this story: "And The Sea Will Tell" (Vincent Bugliosi)

Lyrics by Jim Croce

Children Must Be Protected
ADDED 12/23/01 Cambodia, a cohort of Sonny Walker's, and Frank do not mix at all. Especially where a child is concerned...

Timeline: Frank didn't tell me. I think he's irritated I made him swim in a cold river. Or possibly Frank's a bit peeved about the boat exploding on him...Or maybe he is getting tired of Sonny's old cohorts popping out all over the place...

this site is not related to the official UC: Undercover site. it is a fan site only, and is intended for entertainment purposes. All UC: Undercover characters are the property of their creators.

Other characters, naturally, are mine.


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