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Paul Blackthorne!  
Suddenly Last Summer 
Nottingham Playhouse (98) 


cast photo of Presidio Med (CBS; fall 2002)Dr Matt Slingerland
Presidio Med (CBS)    

Paul's US small-screen debut. Regular cast member.  

Renegade internist Matt Slingerland plays havoc with Presido Med's HMO rules in order to provide the best care for his patients...and on the side, he tries to win the heart of pediatrician Doctor Jules Keating. 

(top row from left: Oded Fehr, Anna Deveare Smith, Paul Blackthorne; second row: Julianne Nicholson, Sasha Alexander; third row: Dana Delaney & Blythe Danner). 


Dr Guy Morton 
Holby City (UK)  
As his non-relationship with Victoria Merrick reaches critical point & drives Victoria towards fellow doctor Alex, the caddish plastic surgeon Dr Guy Morton finds himself at odds when Victoria first goes missing (Ep 51) then is found brutally murdered (Ep 52). Series 3, 2001 

Ep 46: Snakes & Ladders:  03/04/01 (dates in British standard d/m/y) 
Ep 47: A Change is Going To Come:  10/04/01 
Ep 48: Going Gently:  17/04/01 
Ep 49: Release:  24/04/01 
Ep 50: I'm Not In Love:  01/05/01 
Ep 51: Getting Even:  08/05/01 
Ep 52: The Mourning After:  15/05/01 
Ep 53: New Beginnings:  22/05/01 
Ep 54: Hearts & Flowers:  29/05/01 
Ep 55: The Road Less Travelled:  05/06/01   
Liam McGregor 
Peak Practice (UK)  
Ep 7.4 Comrades In Arms  6 January 1999  
Ep 7.6 Map Of The Heart (Part 1)  9 February 1999  

Jonathan's Creek (UK)  
The Eyes of Tiresias (ep # 3.2) airdate 4 December 1999  

Victor Ward 
The South Bank Show (UK)   
Scenes from Bret Easton Ellis's Glamorama.   
23 August 1998. 


Captain Andrew Russell   
Lagaan: Once Upon A Time in India (2001)  
1893: India is ruled by the British. In a drought-stricken Indian province, the villagers of Champaner are asking for relief from the dreaded lagaan tax: a tax on the farm produce. Faced with starvation, the villagers ask the Maharaja to request relief...and on the way to meet with the administrator of the province, Captain Russell, they mock the cricket game as they pass by the playing field. 

Angry at the villagers' reactions, the ruthless Captain Andrew Russell challenges the local villagers to a game of cricket and the stakes are high: repeal of the smothering Lagaan tax for three years if the local villagers win. But if the villagers lose, the lagaan is tripled.  

But what Captain Russell doesn't know is that upon learning about her brother's bet, his sister (Rachel Shelley) surreptiously teaches the villagers how to play cricket, while falling in love with Bhuvan (Aamir Khan), whose own heart is burning for Gauri (Gracy Singh). 

Highlight of the film is the 80 minute cricket game. 

Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. 
The Truth Game (2001; UK; Independent)   
The effects of infidelity, drug use, lying, and personal success (and failure) taking their toll on the relationships amongst a small group of late-20 something Londoners is examined at a dinner party during one night in the characters' lives. Second film in a theme-related trilogy (Strong Language, The Truth Game, Club Le Monde) by acclaimed British indie writer/director/producer Simon Rumley.    

Victor Ward 
This Is Not An Exit: The Fictional World of Bret Easton Ellis 
(US; 2000).  Based on Bret Easton Ellis's fictional characters.  

Romeo Thinks Again (UK, 2000) 20 minute short film.  

Rhythm & Blues (UK, 2000)  


Bollywood Backpack, a exhibit of Paul's photographs that he snapped in the village of Bhuj during the filming of Lagaan between January 2000 and June 2000 were exhibited in London's Alphabet Bar during June 2001. Bhuj was destroyed by an earthquake on January 26, 2001. Paul donated the proceeds of his exhibit to the Red Cross Gujarat (Bhuj) Earthquake Relief Fund.