Suddenly Last Summer, Nottingham Playhouse, Summer 98 


Television (UK/US) 
Dr. Matt Slingerland (left), Presidio Med (CBS; Fall 2002). Background for character: 

Dr Guy Morton in Holby City 

Jonathan's Creek (UK) 

Peak Practice (UK) 

The South Bank Show (UK) 

Commander Andrew Russell in  Lagaan: Once Upon A Time in India    
1893: In a drought-striken Indian province, ruthless Victorian (and reminiscent of Dicken's Dombey) Commander Russell challenges the locals to a game of cricket and the stakes are high: repeal of the smothering Lagaan Tax.
AS -- in The Truth Game (2001; UK; dvd available through HMV UK; and Amazon UK; unless you're PAL-compatible, buy the DVD). A version of Truth or Dare, these six people find their lives changed by one evening chatting around the dinner table. 
j Romeo Thinks Again  
Rhythm & Blues 
This Is Not An Exit: The Fictional World of Bret Easton Ellis


Paul Blackthorne was ten years old when he first appeared with the National Youth Music Theatre; he then found himself back onstage with the same company in Norway when he was sixteen, but it wasn't until he spent a year travelling - from Australia to America and back - that he decided to go into acting full time. While working as a barman in New York he was offered some work in a couple of short films; he returned to London, started working in commercials - he starred in a Virgin Atlantic ad that ran for six months in 1998 - and spent two years studying the psychology of acting with John Osborne Hughes.  

Paul has most recently been seen as a series regular on BBC TV's Holby City playing troubled Doctor Guy Morton. Last year, he filmed the epic Indian blockbuster Lagaan alongside Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. The film was shot mostly in Gujarat, which was later devastated by an earthquate. Photographs taken by Paul during his time filming there will be exhibited at the Alphabet Bar in London from 26th June 2001, with all proceeds going to the Earthquake Relief Fund.  

Other television includes a regular role in Carlton's Peak Practice and an appearance on BBC's Jonathan Creek. Paul was featured in a South Bank Show special on Brett Easton Ellis when he appeared as Victor Ward in scenes from Ellis' best selling novel, Glamorama.  

In '98 Paul did a season at Nottingham Playhouse in Tennessee Williams' Suddenly Last Summer. He was seen in the title role of Romeo Thinks Again (Winkle Films), a 20 minute short directed by Matthew Parkhill and John Harris' Rhythm & Blues (Equator Films).  

In The Truth Game, Paul plays the part of Dan, a young man who has already achieved a high level of professional and financial success and who is currently going through a crisis of confidence; his relationship with his girlfriend Charlotte (Tania Emery) is on the way out, he's not sure what his next professional move should be and he's feeling slightly insecure about the future. As the evening's events start to spin out, Dan starts to spin out of control... 

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