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Danita Weissman Fiction: "A Wartime Surprise" (featuring Jonathan Carnahan) posted 12/09
First Solo Assignment" (posted November); "Full Circle" (10/30 & featuring Frank & Cody); "London Blitz" 03/22/02
Lady Donovan: Part    I    II    III    IV    V    VI
aka The Endless Call.

Jonathan Carnahan's War Journals

Page Update News--December 2002 Three Minute UC Shorty fic posted 12/17  

Presidio Med: On Call again in the New Year--Two times a week for twice the fun!

One Year Site Anniversary--December 19!
December 17: UC fic is back! Untitled
3 Minute UC shorty fic--The SOU's future hangs in the balance when the FBI makes an announcement to the press. While Frank, with an ace up his sleeve, waits to give the announcement to his team about their jobs, he recalls the case that convinced the Director about the SOU's future.

Ahhh, agents! Seems that I also need an agent to market my children's book....

December 10--Hannah's burr, mmm! Now I wanna go to Scotland again (I watched MDs). Jonathan Carnahan wishes to become a spy in Wartime London alongside Danita Weissman. Danita is learning more on how to behave like a spy. And breaking all the rules of spydom, Jonathan helps to give Danita and Carmiela a "Wartime Surprise." Strangely, Rick doesn't really want to show up in these fics...I think he's off with Evie..."First Solo Assignment"--Danita couriers a frightened teenager home to Mummy.

Site updates--I moved the 24 chapters of Ardeth Bey: The Liberation of London to their proper section. Danita Weissman fiction has quicklinks in its own section above & a corresponding information section below UC's section. Lady Donovan Phones Frank (aka the Endless Phone Call) Parts I-VI has quicklinks (above) & her corresponding information section is above the Ardeth Bey section. Jonathan's Journals & Personal Correspondence is above.

I can't post stories about Dr Matt :o( (I could but I'm saving his storylines for PM story treatments), although the PM story treatments I wrote expand his character...Paul was so good in Pick Your Battles. A photo gallery of Paul Blackthorne--calling Mrs Minniver? lol...

I see I still need to finish Kidnapped! My color coordination hasn't improved much over the year...

Old old news...Early October...The latest shorty short fic is a Presidio Med fic called Thief of Hearts. I wrote this waayyy back in April. Thief of Hearts' theme is not really a PM's more an ER scenario with the suicide attempt. Since I wrote this fic when PM was first announced in April and we had no idea what the storyline was going to be, the storyline's a bit implausible. But Rae did state she 'wants to work on her marriage' so it's possible Rae eventually decides to leave her husband and go with Nick...or will she leave her husband in a Cruise-style quickie divorce, take the material items Nick bought her and then publicly dump Nick, leaving Nick wondering about his personal Thief of Hearts? pen name may be BJ Cashman but I'm not sure about that yet...

UC: Undercover
New! Untitled 3 Minute UC shorty fic--The SOU's future hangs in the balance when the FBI makes an announcement to the press. While Frank, with an ace up his sleeve, waits to give the announcement to his team about their jobs, he recalls the case that convinced the Director about the SOU's future. 12/17/02
Ch Ch Ch Changes 
It's September, 2007 & Frank makes three surprise announcements. Laura Zanidean, who joined SOU after Alex left, gets under Frank's skin for the 1st time in her 3 years with the unit. Frank also reveals the reason why he found the SOU unit so appealing, despite the fact he'd never done UC work prior to joining & he reflects on his mother, Danita Weissman. Added APRIL 16 

The Shooting of Frank Donovan: A UC Novella  
Frank is shot in similar circumstances as Keller. Each of the team psychologically reacts in a different way to the shooting of Frank Donovan and Frank meets a very special new friend in the hospital. (added 3/22 & 3/28)  

The Sins of Sonny Walker--Epilogue  
Epilogue to Da Man Shane's official eppy, "The Sins of Sonny Walker." In my epilogue, Jake sits down with a cup of coffee, reflects upon his childhood, and comes to a surprising realization, albeit with Frank's help. Added 03/26/02  

Frank hot & spicy Haiku: A poetic tribute to Frank Donovan...a romantic offering for the ladies. 

Kidnapped! an interactive story with Karri  
Chapters 1 through 7 are posted. Here, martial arts expert Frank is overwhelmed by a determined team of criminals and kidnapped. Jake, from the look of Cody's shirt, thinks Cody is shot in the chest, while Alex knows Monica is shot in the chest. Frank uses a rather unique escape plan.  

Chapters 6 & 7 of Kidnapped are posted April 16 
Chapter Five (to become Chapter Three) is up 3/26: Memories of Childhood, Part I--Monica   Kidnapped! Chapters Two, Three and Four are posted (March 25)

UC: Fragments   
story treatments, including: Lady Donovan Phones Frank (Parts I & II). They are missing each other & Lady D phones him on her cellphone.  

UC: Undercover Interludes  
Basically, these stories are where I was writing plot, but neat to read anyways. These are the first UC stories I wrote in December 2001 & January 2002 & are the very first fanfic (for any show) that I wrote.  

Still In Training  Ever wonder how Frank got to be an FBI negotiator so young?  

Youthful Passions: A Twist of Fate One of Frank's first cases as a precocious rookie FBI agent and offers a glimpse into his past. His talents are nascent and he has quite the role model to pattern himself on.  

The Assault on Monica  Monica's in deep, deep trouble. Cody & Alex are out of the city, Jake's hiding out somewhere in the city, and Frank? Frank's trying to go on vacation but he, too, is out of the city. Who will help Monica?   note: There is a law on the books stating that if you kick someone while you are wearing shoes, that counts as assault with a deadly weapon  

sex, lies & videotapes The team sets out to round up a serial rapist.  

In The Line Of Fire  An old, old quasi-nemesis of Frank's finds himself in a very bad fix after Frank has more than a few rather gruesome accidents.  

The Chase  The Team is on a desperate chase to stop the Federal Reserve's computer passwords from being downlinked. The team is surprised to discover the thieves' hideout is right next to the FBI Academy.  

Tropical Take Down  Frank's been put in too many spots in recent weeks and he is not in a very good mood. How about a nice Hawaiian punch with a twist from a dressed in white Frank?  

Children Must Be Protected  12/23/01 Cambodia, a cohort of Sonny Walker's, and Frank do not mix at all. Especially where a child is concerned... 

About DANITA WEISSMAN fics...Da Man Shane didn't give a name or background to Frank's European mother, so I did.

Brief bio: Mother of Frank Donovan. Birthdate 11/01/33, Stepney, London. Child spy for the MI5, puzzle lover, bookish, intelligent and very social. In her adult years (First Solo Assignment & A Wartime Surprise), we learn Danita knows Polish as her newly declassified diaries were written in Polish. She's a good friend of Jonathan Carnahan, whom she refers to both as Uncle Jonathan and the Hershey Bar Man.

About Danita's parents, Carmiela & Gavriel Weissman: both are spies as well. Gavriel is on top-secret assignment in France while the multilingual Carmiela translates the Polish documents which verify the existence of the concentration camps. She and Danita also work as a mother-daughter team.

Rations during the War were strict. Clothing was rationed until well after the War (clothing was exported in order to boost the economy). Sweets were rationed until just before the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 (& possibly why Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory was such a big hit: from 1939 until 1952 there was a sweets ration in effect. All those growing kids who were restricted in purchasing chocolates and other sweets for 13 years had big dreams about running amok in a chocolate factory.

Full Circle: Danita tells young Frank about a man she met during the Blitz and what Carmiela safeguarded for the man's family; with the assistance of Cody, an adult Frank finishes his mother's work. (Added Oct 30).

Danita's Story: London Blitz  
Being a government agent runs in Frank's family. Meet Frank's mother, Danita Weissman.(added March 22)  

About Lady Donovan Phones Frank
I didn't assign a name to her & UC didn't get around to telling us the name or personal background of Frank Donovan's wife. We know he loves her and phones her prior to his going out for a drink with the UC crew...In these phone conversations, the Lady is on a business trip & phones Frank in what is known as the Endless Phone Conversation In Six anticipation of her homecoming, Frank sends the kids to overnight Shabbat services, Part III has an O'Henry twist, Part V sees Frank in a culinary experiment (which he picks up from Jake) and in Part VI, the Lady finally comes home, sees Frank and she gets a bit steamy...
Ardeth Bey  

Ardeth's Dream: 
The Ring of Nuit   
A frightening dream portends destruction and Ardeth must find the Ring of Nuit & return the Ring to the Temple of Nuit by the ninth day before the full moon, or else Egypt--and mankind--will suffer a devastating catastrophe. [runs about 45 paper pages] (completed April 2002)  

Ardeth's Quest: The Liberation of London
Liberation is the sequel to "The Ring of Nuit." Ardeth takes the Bracelet of Lostris & travels to London to rescue the O'Connell's from the daily bombing of London during the Blitz.

Using 73,455 words from various languages (mainly English), the sequel to RON is in sections. Twenty-four chapters in all. Jonathan Carnahan is featured in Book Two, Part III:

Book One:
Shifting Saharan Sands (Chapters 1 through 7 plus Intermission I. June 2002).

Ardeth's nemesis Set(h) is doing a fine job in keeping Ardeth in the Saharan Desert. "Liberation" fills in some blank days from "RON" & we also meet Ardeth's remote ancestors...The Tuareg Lullaby is from Michael Martin's "The Deserts of Africa". 

Liberation of London: Book Two, Part One (Chapters 8-12 & Intermission II) posted July 11, 2002. Ardeth makes his way to England via an unusual route with the Bracelet of Lostris's help & the O'Connell's witness the beginning of the Blitz.  

Liberation; Book Two, Part Two Chapters 13-17 posted (July 23, 02). Imhotep (Vosloo) plays a part while Ardeth keep getting delayed on his journey to London.

Liberation of London: Book Two, Part Three & Epilogue  (& historical note) posted July 30 (Chapters 18 through 24 & Epilogue). Jonathan plays a pivotal role in reuniting Ardeth with the Keeper of the Bracelet of Lostris; Ardeth discovers the Bracelet's true powers when he learns how to use the Bracelet of Lostris.

Ardeth & The Rescue of Mara 
Ardeth helps a friend rescue his dolphin's daughter from would-be poachers. (this story is currently under UC: Fragments) 

Ardeth's Quest Notes: In my research, I found a helpful list of Tamasheqt (alternate name: Tamashek) words from the Tuareg language, which I have Ardeth speak. A Tamasheqt alphabet  

Some notes on the research for Ardeth's Quest if you want 'em. 

The finale of Liberation is partly based on the events & weather of October 29-31, 1940 during the Air Battle of Britain. The last intensive daytime raids were on the 29th, but the weather was cloudy and drizzly. October 30 was wet & few, if any, bombs were dropped. On Halloween, Mussolini (perhaps at Hitler's request), said he wanted his Regia Aeronautica down in history as having flown over English soil during the Battle of Britain. The Regia entered London from Kent with a collection of archaic garishly colored planes (which probably made the RAF chuckle with glee). 

The Regia flew over London, then...the Regia made a right hand turn and flew away, dropping a bomb here & there over Ramsgate before cruising out over the Channel.  

Was Mussolini commanding a propaganda flight over English soil? Or did the Regia see something (or someone) which made them turn tail? 

Axis Powers made vague references to 'shorter hours of daylight' and 'wet weather' as reasons for ending the daily bombardment of London. The Blitz ended in May 1941.

Presidio Med Preview 

t o p
CLICK on Oded to enter Presidio Med Preview fanfic 

In this prologue fanfic, written before the show premiered, Nicholas is in Kyparissi, Greece, at his parents' villa. The Kokoris surname is thought to have originated in Kyparissi & Nicholas makes note of that fact to his beloved. Kyparissi is the place where Princess Diana took one of her last vacations and is on the eastern side of Peloponnisos, on the Aegean Sea.  

Common confusion: on western Peloponnisos, there is a town called Kiparissia.  

Nicholas has just made the decision to move to San Francisco to be closer to his married lover. He is on a cell phone with her. During their conversation, Nicholas tells her about an interesting case he worked on in the past, and she tells him about a recent case.  

The gemstone cinnabar is mercury ore and often is found with mercury balls. 

more on Greek surnames and their village of origin 

Scorpion King & Other Fiction 

The Scorpion King Meets the WWF: a humorous look. Once I get some ideas for Scorpion King stories...Anyways, unlike the movie, in history during the real Scorpion King's time, there were no known stone buildings. The historical Imhotep is considered to have built the first stone building: the Step Pyramid at Saqqara about 2700 BC. But recently near Saqqara, there have been unearthed the remains of a stone wall which seem to predate the Step Pyramid. I have my own theories on the new discovery, and Evie, Ardeth and Alex will explain and expound upon my theories in "Ardeth's Quest: The Liberation of London." 

future archive section (yes, I meant this sentence to be here! lol). I will add new sections for Shane's upcoming pilots when they're announced.

all plots & stories come from the imagination of ucferrarisgirl (except where noted).  

The Ring of Nuit, the Temple of Nuit, The Crossroads of Time & The Bracelet of Lostris are my own creations and therefore, copyright to me 

UC: Undercover characters are copyright to Shane Salerno & 20th Century Fox.  

Ardeth Bey, High Priest of Osiris Imhotep, Rick, Evie & Alex are copyright to Stephen Sommers.  

Presidio Med characters are owned by John Wells/Warner Brothers/CBS  

All other characters are copyright to ucferrarisgirl (aka brandi) Shane didn't tell us what Frank's mother's name is, so I made up her name & background with the M5: Danita Weissman. Laura Zanidean is mine.  

Historical Figures:  
Lostris & Taita are historical figures who star in Wilbur Smith's River God.   Lostris was Queen of Egypt at the very end of the 17th Dynasty and the beginning of the Second Intermediate Period. Taita was her friend, business partner and slave in name. The Taita Scrolls, from which River God is fictionalized, reside in the Cairo Museum.  

Imhotep: High Priest of Ptah, Physician, Sage, Royal Architect & Poet. Imhotep was under King Djoser, second King of the 3rd Dynasty (about 4,700 years ago). Imhotep is the builder of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara.   This site is a free hosted site and no money is realized from the operation of this site.