2644 BC, City of Djeba, Temple of Nuit, Private Room


Imhotep opened his eyes. He was in a private room in the Temple of Nuit. He had the Ring of Nuit on a small golden shrine set before him. He carefully unfolded his legs and stood up.


He was a bit dizzy. With the help of the mushroom from the far mountains, he'd managed to gain access to the Crossroads of Time, and to make contact with the future Son of Nuit. That son, that future son, had performed his duties admirably, albeit with the help of Queen Lostris, an ethereal presence he'd felt while in the Crossroads of Time.


Lostris? Who was she? The name meant "Daughter of the Waters." Imhotep didn't know of this young Queen and felt that she had been of a later time, closer to the time of the Son of Nuit. He knew it was Lostris who had called off the shark that was about to attack the Son of Nuit and she who had sent the dolphin to help him get back to the surface.


Imhotep had been horrified when he'd seen the large fish with sharp teeth bearing down on the Son of Nuit. A hundred images had run through his mind and he'd seen his Pyramid, the Step Pyramid of Djoser, as well as the three other Great Pyramids, explode, and a huge fireball lifted into the sky. When the smoke cleared, Imhotep could see the huge holes in the earth where the Pyramids had been, and he'd heard the keening wails of billions of voices rising and falling as mankind was destroyed.


But then Lostris had called off the shark and Imhotep had felt a warmth surging through his heart--hope, the feeling was hope--and knew that the Son of Nuit had a fighting chance of returning the Ring of Nuit to her Temple.


Imhotep still had to prepare himself for another meeting with the Son of Nuit in the Crossroads of Time. He didn't know how long it would be before the Son of Nuit would be able to get to Djeba, but he suspected that he would be told when to enter the Crossroads of Time to assist Nuit's Earthly Son in locating the ruined Temple beneath the sands outside the city of Djeba.


Imhotep went outside the Temple of Nuit. Her starry belly was winking with stars and Imhotep felt a breath of wind stir the land. He looked at her Temple courtyard, filled with offerings and flowers, and felt a stab of sadness, for he alone knew that his glorious temple to the Goddess would be buried in the sands nearly thirty seven hundred years from now. All things happened for a reason, he thought sadly.


A star, sent by Nuit, streaked across the night sky. Imhotep looked up, and smiled. He would do anything to help the Son of Nuit complete his task to save this very Egypt of theirs.