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Update News for April 2002:  
I finally got around to redecorating my fanfic site. I really didn't know it would grow so big, so I've separated out the sections on UC and Ardeth Bey, with a Scorpion King section upcoming.

It appears that I am not color coordinated but the stories are good! For those printing, the UC Novella runs around 70 paper pages if you use a 10 point font. "The Ring of Nuit" runs around 40 paper pages  

April Additions both to Ardeth Bey and UC Fragments with Lady Donovan Phones Frank, Part TWO. 

"Ardeth's Dream: The Ring of Nuit" will have a sequel coming soon.  

I am working on "Kidnapped" for the UC section, but Ardeth keeps charging at me on his steed...in addition to the sequel to TRoN, there will be a third, related story. 
UC: Undercover Fanfiction by ucferrarisgirl  
March/April 2002 offerings 

The Shooting of Frank Donovan:   A UC Novella 
Frank is shot in similar circumstances as Keller. Each of the team psychologically reacts in a different way to the shooting of Frank Donovan and Frank meets a very special new friend in the hospital. 

The Sins of Sonny Walker--Epilogue 
Epilogue to Da Man Shane's official eppy, "The Sins of Sonny Walker." In my epilogue, Jake sits down with a cup of coffee, reflects upon his childhood, and comes to a surprising realization, albeit with Frank's help. Added 03/02 

Kidnapped! an interactive story with Kim 
Chapters 1 through 5 are posted. Here, martial arts expert Frank is overwhelmed by a determined team of criminals and kidnapped. Jake, from the look of Cody's shirt, thinks Cody is shot in the chest, while Alex knows Monica is shot in the chest. Frank uses a rather unique escape plan. TO BE CONTINUED...  

Danita's Story: London Blitz 
Being a government agent runs in Frank's family. Meet Frank's mother, Danita Weissman.   

UC: Fragments  
including: Lady Donovan Phones Frank (Parts I & II--Part II of Lady Donovan added April 10) 

Basically, these stories are where I was writing plot, but neat to read anyways. These are the first UC stories I wrote in December 2001 & January 2002  

Ardeth Bey Fanfiction by ucferrarisgirl  
March/April 2002 offerings 
Ardeth's Dream: The Ring of Nuit  
Ardeth must find the Ring of Nuit & return the Ring to the Temple of Nuit by the seventh day of the full moon, or else Egypt--and mankind--will suffer a devastating catastrophe.  

Ardeth's Quest: The Liberation of London: 
The sequel to "The Ring of Nuit." Ardeth takes the Bracelet of Lostris & travels to London to rescue the Callahans from the daily bombing of London during the Blitz. On his trip, he is viewed in a new light by the Cornish farmfolk, and they go to great lengths to help Ardeth in his quest to reach London.  

Ardeth & The Rescue of Mara 
Ardeth helps a friend rescue his dolphin's daughter from would-be poachers.


all plots come from the imagination of ucferrarisgirl (except where noted).  

UC: Undercover characters are copyright to Shane Salerno & 20th Century Fox.  

Ardeth Bey, Rick, Evie & Alex are copyright to Stephen Sommers.

All other characters are copyright to ucferrarisgirl (aka brandi)

Historical Figures: 
Lostris & Taita are historical figures who star in Wilbur Smith's River God 

Imhotep: High Priest of Ptah, Physician, Sage, Royal Architect & Poet. Imhotep was under King Djoser, second King of the 3rd Dynasty (about 4,700 years ago). Imhotep is the builder of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara.  

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