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Presidio Med (Sep 2002-Jan 2003)

Prologue PM fic is below the real PM stories based on the show's eps: 

2/01/03...Doctor Howland is back! Hoping my intuition is right about the unaired ep Best of Enemies (Ep 13):

Dr Howland's Friday Afternoon: With animosity simmering between Doctors Nick and Howland, it's not easy for Doctor Howland to accept help from Doctor Nick...

1/29/03: Deep into the Thick of Things. Full-length story; post-cancellation fic: When the publicity from Harriet's legal troubles reach a desperate couple, they decide to ask Matt for help, putting him into a catch-22. Then, just as the couple turn to Harriet and Rae for additional help, the unexpected takes place. Nick features in a sub-plot. Set as a companion fic to the unaired 1/29 Ep 12 Good Question where Harriet gets into legal trouble for recommending sperm-washing. A Matt/Nick/Harriet/Rae storyline. 

1/25...Rae & Harriet dialogue. Extrapolations: what would have been said had Harriet also chatted with Rae in the ep Breathless? Harriet bluntly confronts Rae and gives a possible reason for Rae ending her marriage in Things Harriet Said To Rae. Set as an extension to the ep, Breathless

1/24...Our favorite PM fellas Matt & Nick shoot hoops at UMC Fitness Center in Sunday Morning in Frisco before heading off to the Frisco Car Show (& the Lamborghini). Set right after the ep, "With Grace".

1/22...well, it's Saturday in Frisco & this shorty kinda wanders around as Nick argues with Rae, reminding her of a misdiagnosis she made concerning Joel Zoller that Matt picked up (from Matt's Dilemma's All Hands), & Matt is attending the Frisco Car Show. Harriet meets up with Jules in the park. Where the resta the gang are, I'm gonna have to add onto this exercise...hope Matt enjoys his Lamborghini!

Aftermath...The snow has quickly melted in San Francisco. The bogged-down-with-good-reason SFPD has been slow to respond to the private abortionist that Harriet has unearthed--but the case takes a horrific twist involving Doctors Matt and Nick and both male docs meet the new pathologist (Carmen Nogales). Jules finally says thank you to Matt for his help with Braxton's diagnosis, and he alerts her to potential problems down the road with Braxton's health and learning abilities. 1/20

Note on the grittiness of "Aftermath". I decided to split out an MDs storyline for "Aftermath": Dalgety (John Hannah) was supposed to be out & about Frisco when he's caught in gang-warfare crossfire. He attends the victims, then accompanies them to the OR at the Mish, where one, a teenage girl, dies while Dalgety's operating on her--but there was a surprise at the end. The original "Aftermath" I wrote for MDs may make its way into the John Hannah section. Matt got the crossfire's aftermath; Nick got the surgeon's part. 

1/9/03...PM dialogue fic (playlet) San Francisco Snowstorm...Partly continuing with Matt's Dilemma storyline, Matt tries to corner Jules but it's Nick who finally corners Rae and asks her to make a choice. Despite Jules' avoidance of him, Matt helps her diagnose a rare illness in an infant. Harriet discovers a shocking truth about who was behind a 17 year old's abortion. & everyone's favorite foil is back! Doctor Howland treats Jackie when she's injured in a car accident--and animosity simmers when Doctor Howland catches up with Doctor Nick in the surgical suite.

Featuring Matt Slingerland:

Matt Slingerland...lighthearted shorty fic: Matt gets a nasty bump on his head from playing basketball. 1/20

"Matt's Dilemma" companion trio dialogue ficlets...these read downwards from earliest posted to the last.

Matt & Jules then continuing with Matt & Harriet and concluding with an All Hands dialogue. 

First up is Matt & Jules. Opinionated Jules gets herself into a snarly situation when she proffers her thoughts to Matt, but she hasn't considered the far-reaching implications of her rashness and its effect on Matt & eventually, on herself. And neither Matt nor Jules can figure out how to proceed with each other once the implications of Jules' thoughts do sink in. 12/21/02

Matt's Dilemma continues in: Matt & Harriet dialogue fic--Matt's still reeling from his conversation with Jules & when Matt spies Harriet walking across the way from the hospital, he pigeonholes her...and discovers the reason why his feelings are changing. 12/30/02

1/3/03...Concluding Matt's Dilemma is an all hands dialogue fic. Gossip spreads like wildfire with Matt & Jules in the eye of the maelstrom; Nick alerts Matt to the situation. 

Presidio Med Prologue fanfic 

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In this prologue fanfic, written in April 2002 before the show premiered, Nicholas is in Kyparissi, Greece, at his parents' villa. The Kokoris surname is thought to have originated in Kyparissi & Nicholas makes note of that fact to his beloved. Nicholas has just made the decision to move to San Francisco to be closer to his married lover. He is on a cell phone with her. During their conversation, Nicholas tells her about an interesting case he worked on in the past, and she tells him about a recent case. 

Thief of Hearts. Thief of Hearts' theme is not really a PM's more an ER scenario with the suicide attempt. Since I wrote this fic when PM was first announced in April and we had no idea what the storyline was going to be, the storyline's a bit implausible. But Rae did state she 'wants to work on her marriage' so it's possible Rae eventually decides to leave her husband and go with Nick...or will she leave her husband in a Cruise-style quickie divorce, take the material items Nick bought her and then publicly dump Nick, leaving Nick wondering about his personal Thief of Hearts

more on Greek surnames and their village of origin