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Page Update News--July 2002

July additions to Ardeth Bey:

Lady Donovan Phones Frank, Part Four uploaded July 17, 2002

Floopy floppy faced frightening fate: the disk failed & I thought I lost some writing, including an "Ardeth" Myth, but fortunately I had uploaded most of the disk to Tripod (hear, hear!), so The Myth of the Restorer of Ma'at wasn't lost in space...

Ardeth's Quest: The Liberation of London--Part Two, Book One (Chapters Eight through Twelve) & Intermission II (Ancient Egyptian poetry) are posted July 11, 2002. In my research, I found a helpful list of Tamasheqt (alternate name: Tamashek) words from the Tuareg language, which I have Ardeth speak. A Tamasheqt alphabet

Some notes on the research if you want 'em.

Ardeth's Quest: The Liberation of London is trickling out...gosh, you all probably thought I forgot about Ardeth! The first seven chapters plus Intermission I from Book One of Ardeth's Quest is up June 17: Shifting Saharan SandsArdeth's nemesis Set is doing a fine job in keeping Ardeth in the Saharan Desert. "Liberation" fills in some blank days from "RON" & we also meet Ardeth's remote ancestors...The Tuareg Lullaby is from Michael Martin's "The Deserts of Africa".

Part III of Lady Donovan phones Frank...he phones her & it ain't what ya think! Added April 22
new UC story: Ch Ch Ch Changes added April 16
new UC Fragment with Lady Donovan Phones Frank, Part TWO added April 16 
Presidio Med Prologue Preview Fanfic added April 17

After writing so much these past few weeks, I finally got around to redecorating my fanfic site. I really didn't know it would grow so big, so I've separated out the sections on UC and Ardeth Bey, added for Oded's upcoming fall show and a section on the Scorpion King (which will eventually relate back to the Ardeth section). 

It appears that I am not color coordinated but the stories are good! For those printing, the UC Novella runs around 70 paper pages if you use a 10 point font. "The Ring of Nuit" runs around 40 paper pages   

"Ardeth's Dream: The Ring of Nuit" will have a sequel coming soon.  Unlike The Ring of Nuit, which I wrote over Passover/Easter Weekend, The Liberation of London is taking a bit longer to write as a result additional research which I am having difficulty locating.

I am working on "Kidnapped" for the UC section, with Chapters 6 & 7 added April 16.

Ardeth keeps charging at me on his black stallion...in addition to the sequel to Ardeth's Dream: TRoN, there will be a third, related story. 

Despite NBC's decision to put UC on hiatus, another UC novella is taking shape in my mind and it's a doozy! I miss UC...I hoping to see Vera, Jon, Jarrad & Bruklin around the tube as well.

I will add a 'links' section to link you to other UC/Ardeth/Antoine fanfic pages

UC: Undercover
Ch Ch Ch Changes
It's September, 2007 & Frank makes three surprise announcements.
Laura Zanidean, who joined SOU after Alex left, gets under Frank's skin for the 1st time in her 3 years with the unit. Frank also reveals the reason why he found the SOU unit so appealing, despite the fact he'd never done UC work prior to joining & he reflects on his mother, Danita Weissman. Added APRIL 16

The Shooting of Frank Donovan: A UC Novella 
Frank is shot in similar circumstances as Keller. Each of the team psychologically reacts in a different way to the shooting of Frank Donovan and Frank meets a very special new friend in the hospital. (added 3/22 & 3/28) 

The Sins of Sonny Walker--Epilogue 
Epilogue to Da Man Shane's official eppy, "The Sins of Sonny Walker." In my epilogue, Jake sits down with a cup of coffee, reflects upon his childhood, and comes to a surprising realization, albeit with Frank's help. Added 03/26/02 

Frank hot & spicy Haiku: A poetic tribute to Frank Donovan...a romantic offering for the ladies.

Kidnapped! an interactive story with Karri 
Chapters 1 through 7 are posted. Here, martial arts expert Frank is overwhelmed by a determined team of criminals and kidnapped. Jake, from the look of Cody's shirt, thinks Cody is shot in the chest, while Alex knows Monica is shot in the chest. Frank uses a rather unique escape plan.

Chapters 6 & 7 of Kidnapped are posted April 16
Chapter Five (to become Chapter Three) is up 3/26: Memories of Childhood, Part I--Monica   Kidnapped! Chapters Two, Three and Four are posted (March 25)

Danita's Story: London Blitz  
Being a government agent runs in Frank's family. Meet Frank's mother, Danita Weissman.(added March 22)  

Lady Donovan Phones Frank, Part Four (July 17)

UC: Fragments  
story treatments, including: Lady Donovan Phones Frank (Parts I & II). They are missing each other & Lady D phones him on her cellphone.

Part II of Lady Donovan added April 16  
also other Frank Fragments

UC: Undercover Interludes 
Basically, these stories are where I was writing plot, but neat to read anyways. These are the first UC stories I wrote in December 2001 & January 2002 & are the very first fanfic (for any show) that I wrote. 

Still In Training  Ever wonder how Frank got to be an FBI negotiator so young? 

Youthful Passions: A Twist of Fate One of Frank's first cases as a precocious rookie FBI agent and offers a glimpse into his past. His talents are nascent and he has quite the role model to pattern himself on.  

The Assault on Monica  Monica's in deep, deep trouble. Cody & Alex are out of the city, Jake's hiding out somewhere in the city, and Frank? Frank's trying to go on vacation but he, too, is out of the city. Who will help Monica?   note: There is a law on the books stating that if you kick someone while you are wearing shoes, that counts as assault with a deadly weapon  

sex, lies & videotapes The team sets out to round up a serial rapist. 

In The Line Of Fire  An old, old quasi-nemesis of Frank's finds himself in a very bad fix after Frank has more than a few rather gruesome accidents.  

The Chase  The Team is on a desperate chase to stop the Federal Reserve's computer passwords from being downlinked. The team is surprised to discover the thieves' hideout is right next to the FBI Academy. 

Tropical Take Down  Frank's been put in too many spots in recent weeks and he is not in a very good mood. How about a nice Hawaiian punch with a twist from a dressed in white Frank?  

Children Must Be Protected  12/23/01 Cambodia, a cohort of Sonny Walker's, and Frank do not mix at all. Especially where a child is concerned... 

Ardeth Bey

Ardeth's Dream:
The Ring of Nuit  
Ardeth must find the Ring of Nuit & return the Ring to the Temple of Nuit by the ninth day before the full moon, or else Egypt--and mankind--will suffer a devastating catastrophe. [runs about 45 paper pages] (completed April 2002)  

Ardeth's Quest: The Liberation of London 

Liberation of London: Book Two, Part One (Chapters 8-12 & Intermission II) is posted July 11, 2002

Chapters 1-7 & Intermission I posted June 2002The sequel to "The Ring of Nuit." Ardeth takes the Bracelet of Lostris & travels to London to rescue the O'Connell's from the daily bombing of London during the Blitz. On his trip, he is viewed in a new light by the Cornish farmfolk, and they go to great lengths to help Ardeth in his quest to reach London.  DANITA WEISSMAN (Frank's Mother) will make an appearance in this story.

Ardeth & The Rescue of Mara 
Ardeth helps a friend rescue his dolphin's daughter from would-be poachers. (this story is currently under UC: Fragments) 

Presidio Med Preview
(Coming Fall 2002 on CBS--THANK YOU!)

t o p

CLICK on Oded to enter Presidio Med Preview fanfic

In this prologue fanfic, Nicholas is in Kyparissi, Greece, at his parents' villa. The Kokoris surname is thought to have originated in Kyparissi & Nicholas makes note of that fact to his beloved. Kyparissi is the place where Princess Diana took one of her last vacations and is on the eastern side of Peloponnisos, on the Aegean Sea.

Common confusion: on western Peloponnisos, there is a town called Kiparissia. 

Nicholas has just made the decision to move to San Francisco to be closer to his married lover. He is on a cell phone with her. During their conversation, Nicholas tells her about an interesting case he worked on in the past, and she tells him about a recent case.

Forgive me if I should happen to call Nicholas "Frank"--I miss UC!

The gemstone cinnabar is mercury ore and often is found with mercury balls.

more on Greek surnames and their village of origin

Scorpion King

The Scorpion King Meets the WWF: a humorous look. Once I get some ideas for Scorpion King stories...Anyways, unlike the movie, in history during the real Scorpion King's time, there were no known stone buildings. The historical Imhotep is considered to have built the first stone building: the Step Pyramid at Saqqara about 2700 BC. But recently near Saqqara, there have been unearthed the remains of a stone wall which seem to predate the Step Pyramid. I have my own theories on the new discovery, and Evie, Ardeth and Alex will explain and expound upon my theories in "Ardeth's Quest: The Liberation of London."

future archive section (yes, I meant this sentence to be here! lol). I will add new sections for Shane's upcoming pilots when they're announced.

all plots & stories come from the imagination of ucferrarisgirl (except where noted).  

The Ring of Nuit, the Temple of Nuit, The Crossroads of Time & The Bracelet of Lostris are my own creations and therefore, copyright to me

UC: Undercover characters are copyright to Shane Salerno & 20th Century Fox. 

Ardeth Bey, High Priest of Osiris Imhotep, Rick, Evie & Alex are copyright to Stephen Sommers. 

Presidio Med characters are owned by John Wells/Warner Brothers/CBS 

All other characters are copyright to ucferrarisgirl (aka brandi) Shane didn't tell us what Frank's mother's name is, so I made up her name & background with the M5: Danita Weissman. Laura Zanidean is mine.

Historical Figures: 
Lostris & Taita are historical figures who star in Wilbur Smith's River God.   Lostris was Queen of Egypt at the very end of the 17th Dynasty and the beginning of the Second Intermediate Period. Taita was her friend, business partner and slave in name. The Taita Scrolls, from which River God is fictionalized, reside in the Cairo Museum.

Imhotep: High Priest of Ptah, Physician, Sage, Royal Architect & Poet. Imhotep was under King Djoser, second King of the 3rd Dynasty (about 4,700 years ago). Imhotep is the builder of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara.  

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