Children’s’ Music Theatre (now National Children’s Music Theatre) : The Leaving of Liverpool (1978)

Suddenly Last Summer @ Nottingham Playhouse (98)



UK Commercials:
a short listing: Virgin Atlantic, Old Spice, Sony USA, Mercedes, Volvo, Playboy Channel (UK)

2005 Television Appearances

Paul as Henry; Frances Fisher as Abigail; & Patricia Arquette as MediumHenry Stoller & Henry's son with girlfriend Dorothy (not credited as the son's character) for NBC's "Medium" in episode 11, "I Married a Mind Reader", aired March 21, 2005.

In a flashback to the 1960's, tv star Henry Stoller thinks his pregnant girlfriend Dorothy murdered Henry's wife and co-star, Abigail Marsh. Henry Stoller 'confesses' to the murder of his wife in order to protect Dorothy. After more than 40 years in prison, Henry is visited by his and Dorothy's son (an unnamed character in the episode & portrayed by Mr Blackthorne).

Paul is uncredited with the second role portraying Henry and Dorothy's grown son at the end of the episode.

In the movies section-- the indie film by Elizabeth Puccini, 4 Corners of Suburbia, is a 2005 release.


Stephen Saunders
24 (Day 3) 

In his break-through USA role, Paul portrays "Stephen Saunders", a renegade former agent for MI6 who turns the tables for Jack by releasing a lethal virus in a Los Angeles hotel. The Saunders role was played concurrently with Paul's role as "Doctor Jeremy Lawson" on 'ER'.  

Doctor Jeremy Lawson

Doctor Jeremy Lawson is the lovable new guy in surgery--and it isn't long before Doc Kingston accepts a date with Doctor Lawson.

Episode 10.13 "Get Carter"       5 February 2004
Episode 10.15 "Blood Relations"       19 February 2004
Episode 10.16 "Forgive and Forget"       26 February 2004
Episode 10.19 "Just a Touch"       22 April 2004
Episode 10.21 "Midnight"       06 May 2004
for the unaired pilot: "Gramercy Park" (ABC)

GP centered around three nannies living in a posh apartment building (Gramercy Park). Paul portrayed "Jack", a successful British producer on Broadway. Juggling a job and a new baby, Jack discovers that his wife is a bit resentful of motherhood.  




Dr Matt Slingerland of Presidio Med (CBS; fall 2002)Dr Matt Slingerland
Presidio Med (CBS) 

Paul's US small-screen debut. Regular cast member. 

Trading his native England at 18 for America & later calling the Golden Gate City home, renegade internist Matt Slingerland plays havoc with Presido Med's HMO rules in order to provide the best care for his patients...and on the side, he tries to win the heart of pediatrician Doctor Jules Keating.

Doctor Matt directs the influx of patients to & from the various docs of Presidio Med, an outpatient clinic adjacent to University Medical Center.


Dr Guy Morton
Holby City (UK) 
Guy's fiance Dr Victoria Merrick discovers what Guy has been hiding. She decides to break off their engagement...but her decision has fatal consequences. The caddish plastic surgeon Dr Guy Morton finds himself at odds with both Holby's staff and his own emotions when Victoria first goes missing (Ep 51) then is found brutally murdered (Ep 52). 

Series 3, 2001. Dates in British standard d/m/y.

Ep 43: Borrowed Time   06/03/01 
Ep 46: Snakes & Ladders:  03/04/01 
Ep 47: A Change is Going To Come:  10/04/01
Ep 48: Going Gently:  17/04/01
Ep 49: Release:  24/04/01
Ep 50: I'm Not In Love:  01/05/01
Ep 51: Getting Even:  08/05/01
Ep 52: The Mourning After:  15/05/01
Ep 53: New Beginnings:  22/05/01
Ep 54: Hearts & Flowers:  29/05/01
Ep 55: The Road Less Travelled:  05/06/01 

Liam McGregor
Peak Practice (UK)

In Comrades in Arms, Builder Liam is on hand to repair the Beeches surgery when things go wrong. In Map of the Heart, Part 1: at a darts tournament & in front of his mates, Liam gets chewed out by Joanna when the surgery floods--and in MOTH, Part 2, when David is killed in a freak accident, Liam's there for the Beeches staff. 

Ep 7.4 Comrades In Arms  6 January 1999
Ep 7.6 Map Of The Heart (Part 1)  9 February 1999
Ep 7.7 Map Of The Heart (Part 2)  16 February 1999

Jonathan Creek (UK)
David Renwick's acclaimed murder mystery programme.

The Eyes of Tiresias (ep # 3.2) 4 December 1999

Victor Ward
The South Bank Show (UK) 
Scenes from Bret Easton Ellis's Glamorama 
23 August 1998


Walter Samson
4 Corners of Suburbia (2005). from 4 corners of suburbia

Indie film written and produced by Elizabeth Puccini. Filmed in Maine. PUT BLURB FROM SITE HERE.

Captain Andrew Russell 
Lagaan: Once Upon A Time in India (2001)

1893: India is ruled by the British. In a drought-stricken Indian province, the villagers of Champaner are asking for relief from the dreaded lagaan tax: a tax on the farm produce. Faced with starvation, the villagers ask the Maharaja to request relief...and on the way to meet with the administrator of the province, Captain Russell, they mock the cricket game as they pass by the playing field.

Angry at the villagers' reactions, the ruthless Captain Andrew Russell challenges the local villagers to a game of cricket and the stakes are high: repeal of the smothering Lagaan tax for three years if the local villagers win. But if the villagers lose, the lagaan is tripled. 

But what Captain Russell doesn't know is that upon learning about her brother's bet, his sister (Rachel Shelley) surreptiously teaches the villagers how to play cricket, while falling in love with Bhuvan (Aamir Khan), whose own heart is burning for Gauri (Gracy Singh).

Highlight of the film is the 80 minute cricket game. See Paul's .com for more on Lagaan, including trailer.

Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.

The Truth Game (2001; UK; Independent) 
The effects of infidelity, drug use, lying, and personal success (and failure) taking their toll on the relationships amongst a small group of late-20 something Londoners is examined at a dinner party during one night in the characters' lives. Second film in a theme-related trilogy (Strong Language, The Truth Game, Club Le Monde) by acclaimed British indie writer/director/producer Simon Rumley. The film’s camera angles and extraneous noise give the illusion that the viewer is outdoors, peeking in the windows and eavesdropping on this dinner party in which the characters peel away the lies they’ve been telling each other.

In 2002, "The Truth Game" was short-listed for Best Feature and Best Director at the inaugural IFOCT awards in Toronto.

Film review: The Guardian  

Victor Ward
This Is Not An Exit: The Fictional World of Bret Easton Ellis
(US; 2000).  Based on Bret Easton Ellis's fictional characters. 

Romeo Thinks Again (UK, 2000).   Award winning short film.

Rhythm & Blues (UK, 2000). 


Bollywood Backpack, a exhibit of Paul's photographs that he snapped in the village of Bhuj during the filming of Lagaan between January 2000 and June 2000 were exhibited in London's Alphabet Bar during June 2001. Bhuj was destroyed by an earthquake on January 26, 2001. Paul donated the proceeds of his exhibit to the Red Cross Gujarat (Bhuj) Earthquake Relief Fund.

Sport Relief, (13 July 2002) the unique on-going project devised by Comic Relief and BBC Sport, aims to raise money to help vulnerable and disadvantaged youth & young adults in the UK & across the world. Paul participated in a celebrity cricket tournament :o). Read his Beeb Interview